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Here you can find the study associations that are affiliated to the Faculty of Economics and Business.


The Economics and Business student Faculty association is the faculty association for all students studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. EBF bridges the gap between your studies and the business world. This way, EBF helps members to prepare for the future. Furthermore, EBF organizes various activities for members.


The Groninger Fiscal Unit is a study association for students in fiscal fields of study, jurists as wel as economists. GFE organizes various activities for her members and could mean a lot to their members during and after their studies. GFE helps members to contact (law)firms, for example in order to apply for a placement.


The Marketing Association Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (MARUG) is an interfacultary association for students Economics, Business, Communication Sciences and Psychology. MARUG functions as an intermediair between the marketing theory and practice.



FSG is the study association for the financially interested students at the Faculty of Economics and Business (RUG). FSG has set itself the goal to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the area of: Finance, Accountancy & Controlling,  Organizational & Management Control and International Financial Management.  We bridge the gap by organising high quality formal- and informal events; like Inhouse Tours, our yearly Conference and speaker-evenings always ending with a networking drink at the bar. Want to know more? Check our website!


TeMa is the study association for technology management. TeMa is there for students from the track Technology management form the bachalor business, the BSc. Technology management, the (pre) MSc. Supply Chain Management, de (pre-) MSc. Technology & Operations management and the Dual Degree in Operations Mangement at the University of Groningen. The goal TeMa has set is creating connections between students among each other, students and the faculty and businesses.


VESTING is the study association for the bachelor Econometrics, Operations Research and for the master Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies at the University of Groningen. VESTING has set the goal to close the gap between theory and practice. VESTING also wants to enhance the contacts between her members and offer them the possibility to develop themselves outside of their studies.

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