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ATN blog - Working & playing with Design Thinking

Datum:20 oktober 2021
Marijke Grotenhuis
Marijke Grotenhuis

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach that can help you tackle multiple questions by uncovering insights, testing ideas, and building prototypes. Through observation, iteration, and lots of creativity, the design thinking process can be a powerful tool to improve your work life.  

At the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the team of Hanze Ontwerpfabriek applies tailor made programs to facilitate teams in innovation.

To give you a brief insight in the playfull teamwork, this short movie will get an overview of the phases and dynamics in a Design Thinking process. 
In this case, we worked on behalf of a company in the domain of mental care, as a contribution to a nationwide 'contest' called VG-Hackathon (especially for solutions that affect mentally disabled people).

And now you've got the chance to participate in a 2,5 days challenge, during the I-days event on November 2nd-4th in Groningen. You'll experience the dynamics of the Design Thinking process:

You will learn to use insights to turn customer needs into human-centered solutions, l earn to prototype, experiment, and iterate to move your ideas forward. It's all teamwork; the work is done in small groups of 5/6 members. The complete group will co work towards a solution that will be crafted into a compelling presentation. By surfacing what matters to your audience, you’ll prepare a presentation that is both meaningful and memorable.

Using the following link, you can register for the I-days: aletta/calendar/eit-health- idays

Hope to see you in the next I-days on November 2nd!

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