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More healthy years and a healthy society in 2040

Datum:04 december 2019
What would a healthy society of the future look like?
What would a healthy society of the future look like?

More healthy years or Healthy Ageing in other words. This theme has been high on the agenda in the north of the Netherlands for more than 15 years. Like many other parts of the world, this region is also noticing the consequences of an ageing population. Healthcare costs are going up and vacancies in the healthcare system are becoming more difficult to fill. Various reports sketch a doom scenario for the future - a growing group of lonely older people struggling with a burden of chronic illnesses, sky-high healthcare costs and not enough people to provide care. This is accompanied by a warning that the difference in health between highly educated and low-skilled people will only increase.

The TopDutch region is not prepared to accept this doom scenario on face value. Scientists, entrepreneurs, social organizations, healthcare institutes, governments and citizens are working closely together with a clear focus on a different and better future. From the region they are moving to a world where more people enjoy good health for longer. Due to these years of focus on healthy ageing, the European Commission even identified the TopDutch region as a leading European best-practice region for Active and Healthy Ageing.

What would a healthy society of the future - say 2040 - look like?

Aletta researchers Jochen Mierau, Brigit Toebes and Cor Wagenaar give an outlook from three different perspectives: 'Healthy society', 'Healthy laws' and 'Healthy environment'. Read their outlook on the TopDutch website.