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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
Together for more healthy years
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Health centers

Centre of Expertise Healthwise

Centre of Expertise Healthwise generates and disseminates insights in the fields of economics, business and management to stimulate and promote health over the life cycle. Read more

UMCG Research Institute Science in Healthy Ageing & healthcaRE (SHARE)

SHARE's mission is to elucidate factors related to health, notably Healthy Ageing. We perform investigations into determinants and consequences of illness and ageing, quality of life, care and cure. Read more:

Global Health Law Groningen

In a multidisciplinary setting, the research centre Global Health Law Groningen works on a variety of different topics related to international health law.
Read more:

Expertise Center Architecture, Urbanism and Health

Expertise Center Architecture, Urbanism and Health promotes public health through architectural and urban interventions. Read more

Centre for Religious Studies

The Centre for Religious Studies serves as a hub for researchers working on themes relating to health and wellbeing in the Faculty of Religion, Culture and Society at the University of Groningen.

Groningen Centre for health and Humanities

The Groningen Centre for health and humanities at the Faculty of Arts joins together researchers working on topics related to history of medicine and the body, historical demography, gender, health politics, art history, architecture, linguistics and literary studies.

Interdisciplinary Mindfulness Centre Groningen

The Interdisciplinary mindfulness centre Groningen is a project of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health. It brings together members of the University of Groningen/UMCG community interested in research on or practice of mindfulness and meditation. The aim of these meetings is twofold:

  • Create a space in which meditation and mindfulness-related themes can be discussed from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective
  • Have a place to practice mindfulness and meditation and discuss how mindfulness and meditation practices can be made relevant and have an impact on everyday life

Find more information + events organised by the centre.

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