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Centre of expertise Healthwise

Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre of Expertise Healthwise

Centre of Expertise Healthwise generates and disseminates insights in the fields of economics, business and management to stimulate and promote health over the life cycle.

As the main non-medical knowledge institute in the field of healthcare – based in the northern part of the Netherlands – we are driven to expand our knowledge of self-management regarding health. In collaboration with external partners, we seek academically grounded solutions for practice-driven questions and issues. As such, our integrated approach is closely related to Healthy Ageing, one of University of Groningen’s focus areas.

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Voorbereid op de uitdagingen van de toekomst
Date:03 May 2019

Ondanks dat de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg tot de beste van de wereld behoort staan we voor grote uitdagingen. Hoe organiseren we de shift naar preventie? Hoe houden we de zorg betaalbaar? Hoe geven we de burgers, cliënten of patiënten op een verantwoorde manier...

Healthwise directeur en hoogleraar Kees Ahaus neemt afscheid van de RUG
Date:02 April 2019

Na 15 jaar dienst heeft Kees Ahaus vorige week afscheid genomen van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Deze week start Ahaus bij de Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management. 

New study shows great benefits of the back-pack policy designed for special needs students
Date:18 March 2019

From 2003 till 2013, children with a severe disability who qualified for a school for special education could also qualify for learner-specific funding, also known as a ‘back pack’, to be used for extra support in a regular school. A new study by Roel Freriks...

Women born in periods of high unemployment experience higher cardiovascular risk
Date:28 February 2019

A new study shows high unemployment leads to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease among women. For men, CVD risk, on average, is unaffected by early-life exposure to recessions.The study used data from Lifelines, a large cohort study that covers socio-economic,...

Transformative effects of social media: How patients’ use of social media affects roles and relationships in healthcare
Date:28 January 2019

Social media have changed how we communicate and conduct business. In line with these general trends, healthcare is also experiencing an increasing number of patients who are using social media for health-related purposes. Edin Smailhodzic recently defended...



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