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Pure ondersteunersoverleg 15 maart
Gepubliceerd op:01 maart 2018

Met het oog op naderende deadlines voor het aanleveren van de onderzoekscijfers over 2017 organiseert het Pure supportteam van de Universiteitsbibliotheek op donderdag 15 maart van 9.30 tot 11.30 een Pure ondersteunersoverleg. Tijdens het overleg zal kort uitleg gegeven worden over enkele (nieuwe) functionaliteiten binnen Pure. Daarnaast is het vooral de bedoeling om met (praktische) vragen van deelnemers aan de slag te gaan.

Pure release - 6 December 2017
Gepubliceerd op:06 december 2017

Today we have successfully installed the latest Pure release. This version of Pure involves the following updates to the Pure portal (RUG research database):

  • Datasets visible on the portal. There is a submission guide available about how to add datasets to Pure.
  • Projects visible on the portal. Please note that there are currently no projects registered in Pure. Therefore the project module is not shown on the portal yet. Once projects are added to Pure a projects tab will also be added to the (menu of the) portal.
  • Publications, Activities and Press/Media are displayed in the same format on all overview pages (general and personal) on the portal.
  • Related research content is shown.
  • A “copy persistent link” button is added to the persistent link on the overview pages of publications, activities, prices etc.
  • Three updates on the Research units pages:
    • The organisational hierarchy is shown
    • If added to Pure an image is shown
    • Search option added to lists

Furthermore, the Literature review template in Pure will be disabled. The research content that’s currently in this template will be moved to either the Book/Film/Article review or the Review Article template. After this the Literature review template will be disabled.

Pure support at the PhD day Groningen 2017
Gepubliceerd op:18 september 2017

The Pure Support team is present at the PhD day Groningen 2017 this Friday the 22nd of September. We can help you with any questions you might have about working with Pure, as well as showing you how you can stand out from the crowd by showcasing your research through Pure.

Did you know you can personalize your research profile on the University of Groningen website? And do you already have a Researcher ID, ORCID-ID or Google Scholar (added to your Pure) profile? We are happy to show you ways to professionally present yourself as a PhD student with Pure.

Stop by the Pure support team at stand 23/24 during the PhD day and get a gadget that helps you shine a light, literally!

Pure release August 7th 2017
Gepubliceerd op:07 augustus 2017

Today we have successfully installed the latest Pure release. In this version the following problems have been solved:

  • The automated search functionality is restored.
  • The overview and statistics tab, as well as the graph of relations are shown again for current staff members with no (active) affiliation to a research unit.
  • The disappearance of the close and cancel buttons when trying to edit multiple internal or external persons is resolved.

As of this release Pure also has a new logo and the Pure page header has an updated look and feel. Furthermore, the Pure documentation for personal users has been updated.

New Pure support
Gepubliceerd op:03 augustus 2017

Following the new website for the University Library and the new look for the University of Groningen website, as of Thursday 3 Augustus 2017 Pure Support ( also has a new look.

What's changed?
The homepage of Pure support has stayed the same, giving you quick access to Pure as well as the ‘Deposit your article’ form. The rest of Pure support has been strongly simplified, resulting in a shorter menu and making it easier to find the information you are looking for.

Pure release - 16 June 2017
Gepubliceerd op:12 juni 2017

Last Friday, June 16th we have succesfully installed the latest Pure release. For details on the content of this release, please refer to the release notes. This is a short version of what's new and what has been changed:

  • New submission template for Activities
  • A new module: Prizes
  • Updated display of Activities and Press/Media (instead of Press Clippings)
  • A new online source: EBSCO

Because of the new and updated submission templates for Activities, Prizes and Press/Media, the (manual) submission guide has also been updated.

Update next Pure release - Expected to be released 16 June 2017
Gepubliceerd op:24 april 2017

In January we announced our plans to install a new release of Pure in or around April 2017. This release has been delayed for 1-2 months. The new release date will be Friday June 16th.

Furthermore, it has become clear that former staff pages can only be shown if the former staff members have approved showing their personal profile on the UG website after they left the university. Because no approval procedure is in place yet, it has been decided to not show profile pages for former staff members at all at this moment. Once approvals are given, Pure will be able to show the former staff members and their research output accordingly on the website.

For further details on the contents of this release, please refer to the release notes.

Aims of the managing board ('regieorgaan') Research Output
Gepubliceerd op:30 maart 2017

To ensure good control through the researchers a managing board will keep track of the further development of Pure as well as the Research Data Office (RDO). The aims of the managing board ('regieorgaan') Research Output are:

  • Set the long term aims for the two implementation organizations (Pure-team and Research Data Office), as well as deciding on a roadmap and adjusting this – when necessary - for the two organizations
  • Keep track of both implementation organizations (quality, quantity, timeliness and risks) and monitors the realization of their aims through reports, sampling, etc
  • Give a final “GO” for important changes and starting new activities
  • Act as a board for escalation in case of deadlocks or calamities
  • Give advice about the role of information on publication and data in the R&O-cycle
  • Act as an ambassador, especially within the RUG (Open Access, RDM, etc.)

Publishing open access for authors of the Faculty of Law
Gepubliceerd op:27 maart 2017

New guidelines for publishing open access for authors of the Faculty of Law with Kluwer and Boom publishers

Next Pure release - Expected to be released April 2017
Gepubliceerd op:26 januari 2017

Note: please read the update for the latest information on the expected Pure release.

We expect to install a new Pure release in or around April 2017.

For details on the contents of this release, please refer to the release notes. This is a short verson of what's new and what will be changed:

  • Research content of former staff members visible on website after approval by former staff member
  • Updates model Activities, Prizes and Press/Media
  • New online source: EBSCO
  • Portal Changes
    • Inclusion of Prizes and Press/Media
    • Updated display of Activities and Press/Media
Cover sheet for downloaded pdf as of 1-1-2017
Gepubliceerd op:02 januari 2017

As of 1 January 2017, as soon as the green open access policy applies, a cover sheet will be shown for all publications downloaded from the University of Groningen research database (Pure).

Besides some basic information such as title and authors, the following things are the reasons for adding this cover sheet:

  • this important note is shown: "You are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's PDF) if you wish to cite from it. Please check the document version below." Directly below this note the document version (e.g. Final author's version or Publisher's version) is shown.
  • a link to the corresponding publication in the University of Groningen research database is shown.

RUG en UMCG introduceren ‘Green open access beleid’ per 1 januari 2017
Gepubliceerd op:21 december 2016

Per 1 januari 2017 worden RUG- en UMCG-onderzoekers gevraagd om van al hun peer-reviewed artikelen de fulltext te deponeren in Pure. De Universiteitsbibliotheek (UB) zorgt voor alle verder noodzakelijke handelingen en ondersteuning.

Deposit your article / green open access policy as of 1-1-2017
Gepubliceerd op:20 december 2016

As of 1 January 2017, you (UG and UMCG researchers) are asked to deposit full-text versions of your peer-reviewed articles in Pure. The University of Groningen Library and the Central Medical library will handle all the necessary steps and support.

"Null"-problem solved
Gepubliceerd op:04 november 2016

The problem with URL's to which the extension '!null' was added, has been solved in the last web release, end of October. Although this was not a problem with Pure, you could run into it when opening Pure pages. Now all pages are accessible again as they should be.

Pure release - September 2016 (4.25.3-2)
Gepubliceerd op:26 september 2016

Today we successfully installed the latest Pure release. This release resolves the issue that for some publications the 'editor(s) responsible for this submission' were not shown.

ORCID in Pure
Gepubliceerd op:20 september 2016

orcid in Pure

Scopus now available as online source in Pure
Gepubliceerd op:07 september 2016

As of today Scopus is available as an online source in Pure. So if your research output is available in Scopus, you can import it directly in Pure.

Instructions: How to add research output.

Pure release - August 2016 (4.25.2)
Gepubliceerd op:16 augustus 2016

Today we have successfully installed the latest Pure release. This release will fix and improve the affiliation information of authors for a publication in Pure when importing it from PubMed.

Pure release - 21 July 2016 (4.25.0-3)
Gepubliceerd op:21 juli 2016

Today we have successfully installed the latest Pure release. In this version the problem with import from Web of Science has been solved.

Pure release CANCELLED - June 2016 (4.25.0)
Gepubliceerd op:27 juni 2016

Unfortunately, the Pure-released that was planned for 30th of June 2016 will not be installed. Although this release contains a solution for the problem with import from Web of Science, it introduces another error that prevents us from installing the release. We are working to get another release a.s.a.p. that solves the WOS-error and is not introducing new errors.

Known issue with FireFox versions 46 and 47 resolved in version 48.0
Gepubliceerd op:01 juni 2016

This May FireFox released the new version 46.0.1. Unfortunately this version contains a bug which creates problems when using the search box in Pure (backend). The links in the dropdown box are not clickable.

Update on 16-8-2016: in FireFox version 48.0 the bug does not occur anymore.

Pure release CANCELLED - May 2016 (4.24.3)
Gepubliceerd op:18 mei 2016
Unfortunately, the Pure release that was planned for Thursday, 19th of May, will not be installed, because tests showed that the fix in this release did not solve the error that appears while saving a publication that has been imported from Web of Science. The urgency for this fix is high. When the solution becomes available, we will update the news on this page as soon as possible.

Search in online source WorldCat extended
Gepubliceerd op:21 maart 2016
As of today, March 21st, publications in all languages will be returned when you are searching WorldCat via Pure. Before, the search was restricted to publications in English, which was not intended, so we removed this restriction.
Error when saving publication imported from WOS resolved in July 2016 release
Gepubliceerd op:21 maart 2016
In some cases it appeared not to be possible to save a new publication after it had been imported successfully from Web of Science (WOS). This error has been solved in the July 2016 release.
Pure release - March 2016 (4.24.1)
Gepubliceerd op:14 maart 2016

Today we have successfully installed the latest Pure release.

In this version the functionality to (manually) add your ORCID to your Pure profile has been restored.

Pure release - February 2016 (4.24.0)
Gepubliceerd op:22 februari 2016

Today we successfully installed the latest Pure release.

For details on the contents of this release, please refer to the release notes. This is a short version of what's new and what has been changed:

  • New online source: Mendeley
  • Automated search enabled for online source Espacenet
  • CV improvements
  • Portal improvements
    • New: request a copy button for full texts that can not be openly shared
    • Title and embargo end date will be shown for full texts that are under embargo
    • Filter option on Open Access status added to the advanced search options (search in research database)
Pure release - January 2016 (4.23.2)
Gepubliceerd op:12 januari 2016
Yesterday Pure has been updated successfully. With this release everyone is able again to change its profile page in Pure (without getting the "SEP unit associations" error message).

Christmas holidays
Gepubliceerd op:21 december 2015
The Pure support team will not be available during the Christmas holidays: 23 December 2015 until 1 January 2016. Happy holidays!

"SEP unit associations" error found
Gepubliceerd op:03 december 2015

Currently you may not be able to change your research interests or default publishing name, as for some of you this will raise the following error message: "The following fields are read-only and may not be changed SEP unit associations".

Please contact your faculty Pure coordinator or to get the necessary changes done.

This bug has been reported to the supplier of Pure and will be fixed in an upcoming release. Once we know the release date we will communicate this via another news item.

Changes in Pure regarding "SEP" (Standard Evaluation Protocol)
Gepubliceerd op:19 november 2015

As of Monday, November 16th, a few changes with respect to SEP are visible when you are using Pure (only when you are logged on to Pure; you won't notice any difference on the University of Groningen website).

What do you see?

  • In your user profile, you will see the “SEP” menu item (in the menu at the left). In a later stage here you will find the size of FTE you are working on research. For now you will just see "No SEP unit associations" or empty boxes to be filled with (%)FTE per year.
  • In the metadata of each research output, you will see a new field "SEP output type". The value of this field is determined automatically. Please don't change it to “not eligible”.

What do you need to do?

  • No action is required from you.

What's behind these changes?

  • With added SEP information in Pure, we can generate the following overviews from Pure:
    • an overview of the research staff (research input in FTE's)
    • an overview of research output per SEP output category
  • These overviews can be used for the self-assessment report that is required according to SEP. SEP stands for Standard Evaluation Protocol. The SEP describes the methods used to assess research conducted at Dutch universities and Academy institutes every six years, as well as the aims of such assessment.

Pure release - October 2015 (4.23.0)
Gepubliceerd op:19 oktober 2015

We have skipped the Pure update in September, because it wouldn't add much value for the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen. This morning the latest version has become available.

For details on the contents of this release, please refer to the release notes. This is a short version of what's new and what has been changed:

  • Fix: publications with status 'for revalidation' remain visible on the portal
  • Fix: full search functionality is available on the portal again (within the advanced search option)
  • Fix: statistics data is available on the portal again
  • Improvements to 'Period' filter
  • Improvements to search functionality
  • Improved texts in Pure back-end

Unfortunately the automated search functionality for patents (in Espacenet) is still not available.

Pure release - August 2015 (4.22.2)
Gepubliceerd op:10 augustus 2015

Pure has been updated. For details on the contents of this release, please refer to the release notes. This is a very short version of what's new:

  • Fix voor ‘internal server error’
  • Adjustment to name sort order on the research database (portal)

Unfortunately the automated search for Espacenet is not available yet, this will be included in the next release, expected in September.

No statistics data available
Gepubliceerd op:29 juli 2015

Currently when you view the "Statistics" tab of a researcher on the University of Groningen website, a message is shown that no data is available. We are investigating why these statistics data are not available.

Fix for internal server error expected on 10th of August
Gepubliceerd op:21 juli 2015

The issue regarding the internal server error will be resolved in the next Pure update, which we expect to release on the 10th of August. Until then, unfortunately, we can't offer an alternative to show the research output that is not accessible now (besides when you logon to Pure, of course, but that's only possible for the University of Groningen and UMCG employees).

Internal server error found
Gepubliceerd op:20 juli 2015

As of the last release you may get an "Internal server error" when you are trying to access a research output via the research database on the University of Groningen website. This issue is being investigated by the supplier of Pure.

Pure release - July 2015 (4.22.1)
Gepubliceerd op:13 juli 2015

Pure has been updated. For details on the contents of this release, please refer to the release notes. This is a very short version of what's new:

  • New online source for patents: Espacenet
  • Open Access status for full text / electronic version of research output is now visible in Pure (not yet on the RUG website); when applicable the Open Access symbol is shown
  • You can hide your Statistics (tab) and graph of relations
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