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Planetary Health

A shared transition towards a liveable future
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Planetary Health

Planetary health is a (research) field and a social movement which promotes the collaboration between us - humans - and the planet we inhabit. It focuses on the interaction of our activities and the planet’s health which in turn affects our health.

Planetary Health initiatives and projects

There are many great initiatives in the Northern Netherlands relevant to planetary health  (although they may have different labels) created by various groups: research teams at academic institutions, societal organisations, communities, and citizens; with the goal to contribute to improving the health of our planet and the transition towards a liveable future for us all. At our kick-off event - Aletta Dive - on 2 November 2023, we met many and would like to share them with you. And more! We would like every initiative relating to planetary health to give a chance to be published here.

Do you not see your project or initiative here yet and do you want to be better discoverable for others working in the field? Fill in this simple form and we will add it on this website.

More on planetary health

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Contact person
Contact information/website
Fryslân Klimaatbestendig 2050+
Casper Oukes
Network Medicine Residues from Water Northern Netherlands
Erika Brattinga -Róth
Operatieafval en afvalkunstprojecten
Maria Koijck
High impact PPS

Health Noord

Carmel Thijsen
Interdisciplinary perspective

on (micro) plastics

Irene Maltagliati
Interdisciplinary Reflections on Eco-Anxiety and the Emotions Related to the

Climate Crisis, from Theory to Action

Fulya Kirimer Aydinli
De vijf doelen van de Green Deal Duurzame Zorg
Ciska Hiemstra
Het Brede Welvaart Lab
Jorrit Noortman
Cross-border Institute of Healthcare Systems and Prevention (CBI)
Adriana Perez Fortis
Mindfulness- and compassiontraining for students in higher education: less fear and stress, more pro-environmental behavior
Philip Kocken
The association between ambient temperature and birth outcomes: exploring moderator effects of air pollution and housing conditions
Medha Pfaff
Healthy Horizons Uganda
Rik Lubbers
Transformation towards long-term sustainability beyond Sustainable Development Goals
Prajal Pradhan
Extend your life! Lessons from humans and other animals
Programma Jong Leren Eten (JLE)
Agnes Schiphof
Onderwijsinnovatieproject Planetary Health
Bettine ter haar
Land van Ons
Amanda Legrand
Alejandro Reina Mahecha
eVRgreen Studio
Lindy Damen
Microorganisms as directors of sustainable protein transition
Martina Sura-de Jong
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