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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
Together for more healthy years
Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health Innovation

Health Prevention Council Groningen

Aletta is the initiator of the Health Prevention Council Groningen (Preventie Overleg Groningen). The council marks the beginning of a movement in which we want to work together from residents' initiatives, local authorities, care and knowledge institutions, societal partners, health insurer and the province to achieve more healthy years with and for residents of our region. The council arose from the need of the participating parties to cooperate more intensively and innovatively, to create more cohesion between each other's policies and to learn from each other. We focus on regional themes along six program lines where the most health gains can be achieved and with which we try to limit the organizability of care. The program lines of the underlying agreement stem from the priorities of the various partners, national developments, local authorities, regional health data and scientific insights.

The program lines are:
  1. Growing up safely and healthy & a healthy life course
  2. Safe and healthy living environment
  3. Organization of prevention in healthcare
  4. Poverty and health potential
  5. Healthy employees, healthy employer, sustainable labor market
  6. Healthy citizen empowerment

Aletta chairs the council's steering group. The administrative council is chaired by Commissioner Tjeerd van Dekken.
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