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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Together for more healthy years


Programme overview

9:00 Welcome coffee (Serre atrium)
Plenary session (room B121, first floor)
9:20 Welcome by the host Karine van 't Land and Aletta's scientific director Jochen Mierau
9:30 Keynote 1: Anton Scheurink
Title: EAT and NEAT
10:10 Keynote 2: Mirjam Kaijser
Title: If prevention, and all else, fails - an introduction to bariatric surgery
10:50 Coffee break (Serre Atrium)
Morning break-out sessions (first floor, old wing)
11:10 1. Obesity and poverty in the Northern Netherlands (A153) 2. Living environments and obesity (A158) 3. Global perspective on obesity (A159)
12:20 Lunch (Serre atrium)
Plenary session (room B121, first floor)
13:15 Keynote 3: Stuart Flint
Title: The pervasiveness and impact of weight stigma and discrimination; why we need to act!
14:00 Panel discussion: To what extent are we the boss of our own weight?
Panelists: Stuart Flint, Anton Scheurink, Mirjam Kaijser, Eva Corpeleijn, Koert van Ittersum
Moderated by: Karine van 't Land
14:45 Coffee break (Serre atrium)
Afternoon break-out sessions (first floor, old wing)
15:05 1. Stigma and obesity (A153) 2. Behavioural and cultural aspects of obesity (A158) 3. Obesity policies and interventions (A159)
16:15 Closing and drinks (Serre atrium)

Detailed programme

Detailed programme