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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health Agenda 10 December 2020

Aletta Research Meet-up 10 December 2020

Meet-up 10 December

Science & Practice: What are the implications of COVID-19 public health research for practice?

In this ONLINE edition of the Aletta Research Meet-up, six experts of different disciplines/societal institutions reflected on how scientific findings can be used for the development of practical policies tackling the COVID-19 pandemics, but also how practical issues can stimulate research. These two directions were addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective in six presentation and led to a panel discussion.

Check out the video's of the presentations and the panel discussion below.

Introduction Jochen Mierau

Rina Knoeff

Why historical knowledge is indispensable in tackling COVID-19

Annegreet Wubs

Implications of COVID-19 for prevention and public health policy

Paul Buijs

Coordinating personal protective equipment logistics

Henk Hilderink

Public health foresight, in the light of COVID-19

Susanne Scheibe

Work challenges in times of COVID-19: supporting the multi-age workforce

Panel Discussion