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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Together for more healthy years

DASH Webinar | Federated Learning: The Future of Digital Health

When:Mo 24-10-2022
With the rapid development of computer software and hardware, more and more health data are becoming available. However, collecting and reusing this is often challenging because in many cases it involves privacy-sensitive personal data.

Federated learning makes it possible to train AI models without anyone seeing or touching your data, and provides a way to unlock information to feed new AI applications. This holds great promise for connecting fragmented data sources in healthcare while maintaining privacy.

In this new DASH webinar, taking place on November 8 from 4.30 to 5.30 pm, DASH has invited Siemens Healthineers to talk more about this promising approach. In the second part of the webinar, DASH takes a closer look at Federated Learning within the UMCG.