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The Christiaan Eijkman Award is accepting nominations

Datum:07 december 2021
The Christiaan Eijkman medal
The Christiaan Eijkman medal

The Christiaan Eijkman medal is awarded to researchers who carry out innovative and critical research in the field of Global Health. You can submit your nominations here before 1 March 2022.

Christiaan Eijkman was a Dutch doctor and researcher who investigated tropical diseases while working in the former Dutch East Indies. He pioneered research on the disease beriberi and demonstrated the importance of vitamins for health, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1929. The Christiaan Eijkman medal is awarded in honour of Christian Eijkman’s work and to encourage research in the field that he dedicated his life to. 

The first medal was awarded in 1927, and 53 people have received this award since then. The most recent recipient has been Teun Bousema, Professor and infectious disease epidemiologist at Radboud University, The Netherlands. He received the medal in 2017. 

“I received my medal for my scientific contributions to our understanding of the transmission of malaria and my active contributions to science popularisation. It was an enormous honour to receive this medal and a valuable mid-career award. It stimulated me to remain dedicated to Global Health and helped me to expand my national and international network,” Bousema says.

Dutch nationality is not a requirement for the nominee. But in addition to making outstanding contributions to research relevant to Global Health, candidates need to work at, or closely with, a Dutch university or institution.

Candidates can nominate themselves or they can be nominated by their colleagues. You can find more details on the process and the requirements for the candidates here.