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The first Aletta Health Grants have been awarded

Datum:24 maart 2021
Aletta Health Grant
Aletta Health Grant

Through consultancy earnings, AJSPH has reserved a budget to stimulate small and short term activities within the UMCG, UG and the Hanze UAS that are linked to the Public Health theme. 

The first Aletta Health Grants have been awarded! The following researchers will receive a grant to further develop their project: 

  • Aranka Ballering

"We aim to organize a workshop in which we bring together our project group’s interdisciplinary research on sex, gender and common somatic symptoms. With the help of a research visualization expert we want to create an overarching graphic summary of our research, that allows us to share our research in a clear way with patients, medical specialists and other healthcare professionals during outreach activities."

  • Teja Rebernik

"Individuals with Parkinson's disease (PD) don't only face a variety of motor and non-motor symptoms, but also problems with their speech. The goal of the project is to create an easily accessible resource for individuals with PD (in the form of a booklet and accompanying website), discussing frequent speech- and communication-related issues that they might face in their daily lives." 

  • Anne Margit Reitsema

"We developed a topographical self-report tool to measure children's and adolescents' bodily experiences of emotion, which is integrated in a diary study of the project "Ieder Kind is Anders" ("Every Child is Different", One of the aims of this project is to examine how awareness and sensitivity to bodily signals associated with emotions change across development. With the Aletta Health Grant we can validate this tool in a group of children and adolescents."

  • Susanne Scheibe

"We will use the Aletta Health Grant to support a small group meeting on ‘Age in the workplace’ organized by the Universities of Groningen and Tilburg in October 2021. Leading work and aging researchers from (Eastern) Europe, the U.S., and Australia will meet to discuss their latest insights on topics around successful aging at work, HR practices for healthy ageing at work, knowledge transfer between different generations at work, aging workers and technology, and adjustment to and health/well-being during retirement."