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  • 1 jaar

    Het masterprogramma Midden-Oostenstudies duurt één jaar. Iedere module levert 10 ECTS op; de scriptie 20 ECTS. Nadruk ligt op bestudering van conflicten en internationale, politieke verhoudingen in het moderne Midden-Oosten.


  • Master Honours College (honoursprogramma)

    The Master's Honours Programme was developed especially for students who want to get more from their studies.

    It is a programme worth 15 ECTS that is followed in addition to the standard Master's programme. It is a one-year interdisciplinary programme that is designed to introduce students to various aspects of leadership.

  • Masterstage (specialisatie)

    Tijdens deze Master kun je stage lopen voor 10 studiepunten.

    De stage is een sterk aanbevolen onderdeel van het programma. Jij bepaalt zelf bij welke organisatie je stage loopt. Het Mobility Office kan je daarbij helpen. Via de link hierboven vind je voorbeelden van gevolgde Masterstages.

Opbouw programma

VakPeriode 1Periode 2Periode 3Periode 4
Semester 1: Conflicten in het Midden-Oosten (10 EC)
Semester 1: Internationale Organisaties en het Midden-Oosten (10 EC)
Semester 1: Onderzoekscollege Midden-Oosten Regiostudies (10 EC)
Semester 2: Masterscriptie (20 EC)
Semester 2: Tutorial / stage / buitenlandverblijf (10 EC, facultatief)

Check out the content of the courses on Ocasys:

Bekijk de inhoud van de vakken via Ocasys:

Studeren in het buitenland

  • Studeren in het buitenland is facultatief
  • Maximaal 10 EC

To be recommended for placement.

Dit wordt vooral aangeraden in het kader van een masterstage.

Waarom in Groningen?

› Intensive study progress supervision

  • Focus on modern, current themes
  • Master's programme and/or placement abroad are among the possibilities
  • Focus op moderne, actuele thema's
  • Stage in binnen- of buitenland mogelijk
  • Goede, intensieve begeleiding

Each Master's degree programme has a study advisor whom you can contact if you have questions or need advice about your degree programme and other study-related matters. Everything you discuss will be treated confidentially. If you have a more complex problem, for example study delay, a performance disability or if you are ill for a long time, you should contact a student counsellor.

In addition, you can also follow various courses at the Study Support section of the Student Service Centre (SSC), for example on study stress and holding presentations.

Elke masteropleiding heeft een studieadviseur waar je terecht kunt als je vragen hebt of advies wilt over je studie en andere zaken rondom het studeren. Alles wat je bespreekt wordt vertrouwelijk behandeld. Bij complexere zaken, bijvoorbeeld studievertraging, functiebeperking of langdurig ziek zijn, kun je terecht bij een studentendecaan.

Ook worden er cursussen aangeboden die je kunnen helpen om beter te kunnen studeren, zoals studiestress en presenteren. Deze kun je volgen bij de afdeling Studieondersteuning van het Studenten Service Centrum (SSC).

  • Testimonial van Florence Klee

    Middle Eastern Studies is the most topical degree programme there is

    'After I had finished my BA in Art History, I wanted to focus more on current issues. I chose Middle Eastern Studies, the most topical degree programme there is. News items are discussed and extensively analysed in class the very same day they appear. A major plus about the programme was that it taught us a variety of different ways to delve deeper into a subject. For example, I wrote papers and gave presentations, but I also organized a study day on Iran together with my fellow students.

    What I also liked a lot was that the programme included the option to go on a placement. I followed my placement at the Koninklijke Militaire School Luchtmacht, the Royal Netherlands Air Force school at Woensdrecht air base, where I taught classes on all kinds of topics, from Dutch politics to Dutch mission areas in the Middle East. I also gave several lectures on the United Nations and thereby contributed to the Missiegerichte Opleiding Mali, the training programme for military personnel about to go on a mission to Mali.
    Right now I am busy applying for jobs and have already noticed that this Master’s degree programme prepares you for a wide range of jobs. So besides imparting a lot of knowledge about current issues in the Middle East, it also ensure great prospects for the future!’

    – Florence Klee
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