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founded in 1614  -  top 100 university

University College Groningen

At University College Groningen, we offer an array of majors within 3 main disciplines: Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. Each of the majors has its own point of interest, and we want to explain what some of the topics will be and what you can expect when it comes to the courses you could be taking and the subjects you will be studying. For the rest of the month, we will be highlighting different majors with a video, a blog, a (scientific) article that is somehow related to a certain blog - anything that comes up! Be sure to keep an eye out on the news section of our website as we move along the Month of the Majors!

For more information on the majors that we offer, please have a look here. Do you want to talk to one of our students or someone from our academic staff about the majors? Sign up for our Open Day!