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Islamic State, the refugees from Syria, Israel and Palestine, the Middle East is daily news. Are you interested and do you want to know more about this fascinating region?

Choose the Master Middle East Studies in Groningen Read more about the  department of Middle Eastern Studies .

Middle Eastern Studies in Groningen emphasizes current developments in the Middle East. You will study four core themes: history, politics, culture and religion. There are three specializations in the first semester: Conflict, International Organizations, and Research Seminar. The second semester is for internship in the Middle East or for a tutorial. You conclude your studies with writing a Master's thesis.

What do we offer you? Prevailing views about recent conflicts in the Middle East with focus on Jihadism and the war in Syria. Understanding the role of the United Nations and the Arab League in the Middle East. Cultural approaches to the Middle East in film and literature.

Our students are working in ministries and embassies, in businesses and NGOs, in the media and refugee organizations.

Islamitische Staat, vluchtelingen, Israël en Palestina: het Midden-Oosten is dagelijks in het nieuws. Volg je dat met veel interesse en wil jij alles weten over deze fascinerende regio?

Kies dan voor de Master Midden-Oostenstudies in Groningen. Lees hier meer over de  afdeling Midden-Oosten Studies

Midden-Oostenstudies in Groningen legt nadruk op actuele ontwikkelingen. Je bestudeert vier kernthema's: geschiedenis, politiek, cultuur en religie. In het eerste semester volg je drie kernvakken:Conflicten, Internationale Organisaties en Onderzoeksseminar. In het tweede semester kan je op stage in het Midden-Oosten of volg je een tutorial. Ter afsluiting van de Master schrijf je een Masterscriptie.

Wat bieden wij jou? Overzicht van de heersende opvattingen over recente conflicten in het Midden-Oosten met focus op de oorlog in Syrië en het jihadisme. Inzicht in de rol van wereldorganisaties zoals de Verenigde Naties en de Arabische Liga in het Midden-Oosten. Culturele benadering van het Midden-Oosten in film en literatuur.

Onze studenten zijn werkzaam op ministeries en in ambassades, in bedrijfsleven en bij NGO's, in de media en in vluchtelingenorganisaties.  


Anyone who is interested in the Middle East is welcome.

Meer over deze opleiding
  • Testimonial van Florence Klee

    Middle Eastern Studies is the most topical degree programme there is

    'After I had finished my BA in Art History, I wanted to focus more on current issues. I chose Middle Eastern Studies, the most topical degree programme there is. News items are discussed and extensively analysed in class the very same day they appear. A major plus about the programme was that it taught us a variety of different ways to delve deeper into a subject. For example, I wrote papers and gave presentations, but I also organized a study day on Iran together with my fellow students.

    What I also liked a lot was that the programme included the option to go on a placement. I followed my placement at the Koninklijke Militaire School Luchtmacht, the Royal Netherlands Air Force school at Woensdrecht air base, where I taught classes on all kinds of topics, from Dutch politics to Dutch mission areas in the Middle East. I also gave several lectures on the United Nations and thereby contributed to the Missiegerichte Opleiding Mali, the training programme for military personnel about to go on a mission to Mali.
    Right now I am busy applying for jobs and have already noticed that this Master’s degree programme prepares you for a wide range of jobs. So besides imparting a lot of knowledge about current issues in the Middle East, it also ensure great prospects for the future!’

    – Florence Klee
Feiten & Cijfers
MA in Midden-Oosten Studies
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Engels (100%)
12 maanden (60 ECTS)
Februari, SeptemberFebruari, September

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