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Information for alumni

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for alumni to use most of the amenities that the UG offers its students and staff, e.g. the UWP remote desktop environment, Google Apps etc. Likewise, a large number of library services are no longer available: most of the journal licences carry the strict condition that the materials may only be accessed by the current UG community. Nevertheless, the University Library still offers a wealth of material, search engines and databases that are still accessible to all! Below is an overview of all the ways, files and engines available for unlocking academic information.


Of course, alumni can purchase a UB subscription. This costs € 45 a year - one month period of notice.
This subscription option does not include distance access to the UG’s electronic files, journals and e-books. Those are only accessible within the UG network. Within the UB you may use our walk-in user pc's.

Search engines

This is a non-exhaustive list of the most important search engines and databases available to all!

  • SmartCat
    The search engine that allows you to search the catalogues of the UG libraries and libraries around the globe.
    Found a publication? You can order it through Interlibrary Loans
  • University of Groningen research portal
    The UG’s research output, including information about the academics and research units. This portal also holds all UG dissertations.
    Access to the full-text publications is usually limited to UG staff and students only
  • E-resources
    Hundreds of databases in every field. A large number of these are accessible to staff and students only; the files on the list with 'login not required' are publicly accessible.
  • Electronic journals
    The University Library is a licensee of tens of thousands of electronic journals or e-journals. Most of these are only accessible to UG students and staff through this portal and for personal use in the context of study and research only. See the list below for open-access journals and books.
  • UG Digital Collections
    This website presents digital reproductions of documents from the historical and research collections of the University of Groningen. These include manuscripts, printed books, journals, correspondences, maps, photos, planography, material on the history of the University, etc.
  • LibGuides
    The UB provides an online literature guide per field, which gathers together the most prominent information resources, databases, journals, etc.
    Access to the full-text publications is usually limited to UG staff and students only

Open access

In recent years, a growing number of journals and books have been appearing in the open-access format, meaning that their content is freely available to all.

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