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Deposit your article

The University of Groningen has a green open access policy. This means that UG and UMCG researchers are asked to deposit the final author’s version of their articles.

What is the final author’s version?

The final author's version is the version that follows the peer-review process and is accepted for publication. This version does not have the publisher's formatting, such as page numbers, volume and delivery.
Also known as: author's accepted manuscript (AAM) or post-print.

Simply click the button below to deposit your article (1 minute's work):

The library imports your publication into Pure and provides the necessary support. All research outputs registered in Pure appear in the University of Groningen research portal.

Embargo required?

In most cases, publishers require an embargo period before you can make your publications available in full-text. The library ensures that the requirements of the publisher are met. The full text of your article will only be made public after the embargo period has ended.

Last modified:24 January 2024 12.15 p.m.
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