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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Is the UB app free?

Yes, the UB app is completely free to download and use. More information: Terms and Conditions.

Where can I download the UB app?

The UB app can be downloaded from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

Please note: once you have installed the app you have to register (just once) your University card.

How do I register my University card to use the app on my phone? 

Via the form on the UB website, request (just once) an activation code by entering the numbers below the barcode on your University card.

The activation code will be sent to your email. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account. After that, you will have a password that you can use to log into the app.

I downloaded the app, but it asks me to log on in order to access my library account. What should I do? 

At the top left, tap Menu > Logon. Then, enter the 04-number located below the barcode on your University card. Once you've entered the barcode number, you'll be prompted to enter the password you selected when you activated your account. 

Do I need to enter the password every time I want to use the app?

No, once you've activated your account and logged into the app, you can access it automatically.

What languages are supported by the app?

The app supports English and Dutch. You can adjust your language preferences: Menu > Settings > Language.

Reserving a studio

How can I book a studio?

At the top left, tap Menu and then Reservations. Next, click on the "+" icon in the bottom right corner to choose a (group) studio.

Please note: it’s not possible to make reservations via the LibCal booking system or at the UB’s reception desk.

What kind of studios can I reserve?

There are two types of studios available for booking at the UB City Centre: studios for a maximum of 2 people and group studios.

To book a group studio, you must have at least 3 people included in your reservation - the person making the reservation plus two more visitors.

How do I add visitors to my studio reservation?

You can add your visitors' email addresses or S/P numbers to your reservation so they can access the studio too.

Is it possible to reserve two blocks of time in the same studio?

When you reserve two blocks of time in a row, the app will try to reserve the same studio for both blocks. If it's not available (booked by someone else), the app will try to reserve the closest studio instead.

Is there a limit to the number of reservations I can make?

You can have up to 6 studio reservations within the next 21 days, with a maximum of 2 per day. If you are a visitor, this does not count as a reservation.

For group studios, you can make 1 reservation per day. Please note: being a visitor in a group studio reservation does count towards the limit.

Can I book studios at the UB Zernike via the UB App?

Via the UB app, you can book studios only at the UB City Centre.

Tip: Reserve a study space for 1-4 people in the UB Zernike.

Can I book study places via the app?

Not yet, but keep an eye on our website for updates!

Finding and opening a studio

How do I find the studio I've reserved?

To navigate to the studio, use the app's wayfinding feature.

At the top left, tap Menu and then Route. Next, click on the search icon in the top right corner to type in your studio number. After that, tap the Go button and follow the arrows that will guide you to your studio.

Tip: The confirmation email will provide your studio number, which has two parts: the first number is the floor (before the dot) and the second number is the studio number (after the dot). Alternatively, you can select the floor map to locate all the studios available on that floor, and then select the one you booked.

How do I open the studio? Do I need a key?

Simply use your University card to open the studio.

When you have reserved a group studio, all added users have access with their University card, too.

Why do I need to swipe my University card if the studio door is open?

You need to swipe your University card within 15 minutes after the start time of your reservation. If you don't, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Do I need to check in twice if I've booked the same studio for two consecutive time slots?

Yes, you do. Even if you've booked the same studio for multiple blocks of time, you need to swipe your University card again to check in.

What’s else on the app

Can I request books via the app?

Yes, you can search for and request books via the app by accessing SmartCat directly from your phone.

At the top left, tap Menu and then Search for Literature. From there, you can search for publications by typing in the title, author, ISBN, or ISSN.

When you select the publication, you can read it online or request a printed book.

Tip: You can filter your search results to display only books or articles (the "pages" icon in the bottom right corner).

Can I manage my loans via the app?

Yes. At the top left, tap Menu and then Loans to check the status of your request or to renew your loan.

Tip: A loan is automatically renewed after 4 weeks (or 10 days in case of short-term loans) unless another borrower has reserved the book. More information: Loan period, renewals.

How do I find a book on the open shelves?

To find a route to a book, you have to look it up in the SmartCat feature in the app: Menu > Search for Literature. Publications on the open shelves will have a Route button next to the Request button. Then, press Go and follow the arrows that will guide you to your destination.


I have a question or an issue with the app. What should I do?

If you run into any problems or have questions about the app, contact us at library-app Please let us know whether you're using an Android or Apple device, so we can help you faster.

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