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If I have questions or remarks, who should I contact?

Questions or comments can be sent via email to requestacopy

I am a UG author of one or more articles on the UG research portal. What can I expect if someone requests a publication from me via Request-a-copy?

If a portal visitor requests the full text of one or more of your publications, you will receive a message from the University Library. In this message, we will inform you about the request and ask you to decide whether or not to share your publication(s).

After you have submitted your decision, the library will handle everything. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to share your publication(s) peer-to-peer.

What is the purpose of Request-a-copy?

The purpose of Request-a-copy is to support UG authors in the peer-to-peer distribution of their articles via the UG research portal and also to facilitate the distribution of publications under an embargo or restriction.

How do I use Request-a-copy to request the full text of a publication which currently has an embargo or restriction?

You will find the Request-a-copy link underneath publications in the UG research portal that are currently not freely available for download because of an embargo or restriction. This link opens an email window in which you can request the full text of the publication from the UG author. The University Library checks with the author whether or not to approve this request and then either sends you the requested publication or notifies you that the author does not agreed to share it.

Why does the University Library ask for my personal details on the Request-a-copy online form? What happens with this data?

When processing a request, it is important for UG authors to see who has made the request. Applicant data is used exclusively for this purpose and is not shared with other parties.

Who can use the Request-a-copy function?

All visitors of the UG research portal, including external visitors, can use the Request-a-copy function.

Some publications in the UG research portal do not have a Request-a-copy link, even though a full text is missing. Can I also request these publications?

No, that is not possible. Only publications for which a full text is present in the research portal but which have an embargo or restriction can be requested via Request-a-copy. UG authors are encouraged to upload the full text of their publications in Pure, so that sharing - via direct downloads and in the case of embargoes, via Request-a-copy - can be facilitated.

The Request-a-copy link isn’t working. When I click on the link, nothing happens. Now what?

This probably has to do with the ‘mailto’ settings in your browser. The Request-a-copy link is a 'mailto' link to open an email application. If no email application has been set for mailto links, nothing will happen. There are many websites available that explain how to adjust this in your specific browser - you can simply do a Google search.

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