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Open access publication in the spotlight: February 2024

Open access publication in the spotlight (February) - 'The algorithmic network imaginary: How music artists understand and experience their algorithmically constructed networks'

Date:26 February 2024
Author:Open Access Team
How do musicians imagine and relate to the networks of “related artists” they are algorithmically sorted into on Spotify? This research question is addressed by authors Robert Prey and Marc Esteve Del Valle, both from the Faculty of Arts.
Rose Harris-Birtill

An interview with Dr Rose Harris-Birtill from the Open Library of Humanities

Date:06 April 2020
Dr Rose Harris-Birtill serves as Managing Editor across the Open Library of Humanities platform of 28 Open Access scholarly journals, and Editor of its flagship journal OLH, based at Birkbeck, University of London. In this interview, she discusses the benefits and challenges of open access publishing in the humanities and describes the publishing model of the Open Library of the Humanities.
Marcel Knöchelmann (photo: private)

Open Humanities: Why Open Science in the Humanities is not Enough

Date:20 March 2020
Author:Marcel Knöchelmann
Open science has become a catch all term to describe the many different ways in which digital networked communication technologies have opened and begun to transform research and scholarship across different disciplines, even those outside of the sciences. Whilst this term has been useful, Marcel Knöchelmann argues that for the humanities to successfully adopt digital technologies, rather than have them imposed upon them, they need to develop an independent open humanities discourse.
Martijn Wieling

How can universities support open science?

Date:17 October 2018
Author:Giulia Trentacosti
Martijn Wieling, Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics and Vice-chairman of the Dutch Young Academy, talks about why he thinks open access, open data and open source are the way forward in academic research.
Casper Albers

Open peer review. An interview with Casper Albers

Date:28 March 2018
Casper Albers, Associate Professor of Statistics at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, published an article in PeerJ and chose to make the accompanying review history public. We asked him some questions about (open) peer review.
Faculty of Philosophy

Researchers, take back control over academic publishing!

Date:20 September 2017
Daan Evers and Titus Stahl, two assistant professors at the Faculty of Philosophy, review the importance of books, the relevance of open access for an academic publication strategy, and the advantages and disadvantages of a local open access publisher.
Paul Plazier

Open access through the eyes of an early career researcher

Date:21 March 2017
Paul Plazier, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, is taking his first steps in academic publishing. Paul considers open access as an appealing, yet complex phenomenon. He shares his thoughts on open access with us.
Jules van Rooij

Principles on Open Access Publisher Services

Date:07 April 2016
We asked our local expert Jules van Rooij how he thinks about the principles on Open Access Publisher Services.
stairway Faculty Philosophy

Two philosophers on open access

Date:07 April 2016
Pauline Kleingeld, Professor of Philosophy, and Frank Hindriks, Associate Professor of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, both publish actively in open access. We spoke to them about their views and experiences, focusing particularly on open access in their own field of Philosophy.