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Celebrating Openness

Recap: Celebrating Openness (22 October 2020)

Date:16 November 2020
Author:Open Access Team
On the occasion of Open Access Week 2020, the University of Groningen Library (UB) and the Open Science Community Groningen (OSCG) organized the online event Celebrating Openness. Keynote speakers and UG researchers explored the benefits and challenges of opening up research. A panel discussion was dedicated to the modified lottery system as a way to assign research funding or prizes.
Open Research Award case study

Big ambitions – Limited resources

Date:20 October 2020
Author:Daan A. Ornée

Balancing research output with open research practices in a clinical randomized controlled trial.

Open Research Award case study

Now everyone can measure attention

Date:19 October 2020
Author:Yvonne Groen
Everyone knows what attention is, said William James 150 years ago. But nowadays psychologists are still struggling to reliably assess attention, especially impairments of attention. The experience of attention is very personal and what is regarded normal differs strongly between people. Therefore, a large norm group is necessary to pinpoint impairments of attention.
Open Research Award case study

Is it possible to publish all of our peer-reviewed articles in Open Access journals?

Date:16 October 2020
Author:Katja Loos
Is it possible to publish all peer-reviewed articles of our research group in Open Access journals? Two years ago, this journey started, and we started to submit our manuscripts exclusively to journals that are cover by the VNSU Open Access agreements. As a result, we were able to publish more than 95% of our manuscripts Open Access in this time period.
Open Research Award case study

Preregistration of a quantitative study using secondary data in the social sciences

Date:14 October 2020
Author:Maria Wiertsema
A case study about preregistration of a quantitative study using secondary data in the social sciences.
Open Research Award case study

Lifestyle and Hand Eczema - A systematic Review

Date:12 October 2020
Author:Marjolein Brands
Hand eczema is a common skin disease with a one-year prevalence of up to 10% and a long-lasting negative impact on quality of life. Both endogenous and exogenous factors play a role in the pathogenesis of hand eczema.
Eduard Verhagen, Els Maeckelberghe, Laura Postma and Malou Luchtenberg

Children and young people as coresearchers in qualitative research

Date:11 October 2020
Author:Malou Luchtenberg
In the case study presented here we use a collaborative method to improve data analysis and research outcomes by engaging and involving children of the public. Several activities made the outputs of our research more (and freely) accessible for both academics (by open access publishing) and the public (through videos, an interview and poster presentation on the international iCAN conference by young people).
Open Research Award case study

Preregistered main vs. alternatives analysis

Date:10 October 2020
Author:Arnout Smit
We believe this ‘main versus alternatives analysis’ structure makes the results easier to interpret for readers because it provides a baseline, while still providing as much information we can to improve future analyses using similar data.
Open Research Award case study

Benefits of and doubts about the preregistration procedure

Date:09 October 2020
Author:Robin Groen

Introduction and research context
This case study "Publishing a preregistered study in an open access journal. Benefits of and doubts about the preregistration procedure" describes the publication process of a preregistered study in an open access journal,...

Open Research Award case study

On becoming an open research practitioner

Date:08 October 2020
Author:Sanne Brederoo
At times, I feel quite content with my own open research practices. Yet I doubt whether I would call myself an open research practitioner. I might be doing it, but what if I’m doing it for the wrong reasons?
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