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Open Research Award case study

On becoming an open research practitioner

Date:08 October 2020
Author:Sanne Brederoo
At times, I feel quite content with my own open research practices. Yet I doubt whether I would call myself an open research practitioner. I might be doing it, but what if I’m doing it for the wrong reasons?
Open Research Award case study

Open access Google earth-like maps of Islet of Langerhans during Type 1 diabetes

Date:06 October 2020
Author:Pascal de Boer

Atlases are typical reference books for use by many. We created an online repository of nanometer-scale Atlases of Islets of Langerhans during type 1 diabetes, thereby turning a refrigerated biobank into a database.

Article in the Spotlight October 2020

Open Access Publication in the Spotlight (October 2020) - 'The Financial Impact of Fossil Fuel Divestment'

Date:03 October 2020
Author:Open Access Team
Each month, the library’s open access team puts an Open Access publication by a UG author in the spotlight. The article of October 2020 is "The financial impact of fossil fuel divestment," co-authored by Auke Plantinga and Bert Scholtens
Open Research Award case study

From academia to society – improving the quality of science journalism

Date:02 October 2020
Author:Anouk de Wit
Mass media are an important and effective channel for disseminating medical news. Unfortunately, messages often contain, intentionally or not, exaggerated claims that are not supported by the research itself. However, journalist are not always the ones to blame, and scientists themselves have an opportunity — and a responsibility — to improve the communication about their research. In this case study, I describe the challenges and difficulties that I encountered while trying to present the results of research on a sensitive topic: side effects of oral contraceptives.
Open Research Award: winning case study

Could you be more specific? Preregistering analysis methods...

Date:30 September 2020
Author:Marieke Helmich
My experience with open research practices centres on the task of translating the ‘grand’ research questions and hypotheses from a grant proposal, to the ‘specific’, testable questions for an analysis plan. A large portion of my PhD trajectory has been dedicated to collecting data that was designed to answer a particular research question: Can we find early warning signals before symptom improvements in depression?
Open Research Award: winning case study

Work in Progress: First steps towards open science

Date:30 September 2020
Author:Merle-Marie Pittelkow
My journey towards open science began as a Master student. I participated in the course Transparency in Science and learned about questionable research practices, non-reproducible, and nonreplicable research findings. Majoring in clinical psychology, this made me especially concerned about the impact on validity of treatment recommendations.
Open Research Award: winning case study

The ESM Item Repository

Date:30 September 2020
Author:Yoram Kevin Kunkels
The ESM Item Repository is introduced as a platform to improve transparency, methods reproducibility, and validity within ESM research. Experience sampling methods (ESM) have become increasingly popular to investigate psychological phenomena in ecologically valid, daily life settings. ESM allows researchers to measure psychological constructs such as mood multiple times a day for long, continuous periods of time.
Open Access article in the spotlight: September 2020

New: Open Access publication in the Spotlight - 'The Effects of Migrant Background and Parent Gender on Child Protection Decision-Making'

Date:31 August 2020
Author:Open Access Team
Each month, the library’s open access team puts an Open Access publication by a UG author in the spotlight. The article of September 2020 is "The Effects of Migrant Background and Parent Gender on Child Protection Decision-Making: An Intersectional Analysis," co-authored by Floor Middel and Mónica López López.
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Open Educational Resources can help us move beyond the traditional textbook and enhance academic freedom

Date:21 July 2020
Author:Mira Zhuk
The subject of Open Educational Resources (OER) is becoming more prominent in higher education, especially in times of need to rapidly switch to online teaching and learning. Read all about these resources and how the UG Library is actively engaged in building services to support teachers in the area of OER and related copyright issues.
Rose Harris-Birtill

An interview with Dr Rose Harris-Birtill from the Open Library of Humanities

Date:06 April 2020
Dr Rose Harris-Birtill serves as Managing Editor across the Open Library of Humanities platform of 28 Open Access scholarly journals, and Editor of its flagship journal OLH, based at Birkbeck, University of London. In this interview, she discusses the benefits and challenges of open access publishing in the humanities and describes the publishing model of the Open Library of the Humanities.
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