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University of Groningen Library
University of Groningen Library

Webinar: Data Curation: Bring your own data

When:Th 11-03-2021 02:00 - 15:00
  • Are you finishing your research project and need to archive your data?
  • Would you like to publish or share your data?
  • Do you need a data availability statement with your publication?

If your answer is Yes, or if you are just curious, you are very welcome to visit our workshop.


Introduction to Data Curation: and Archiving data for the long term

  • What to archive: selection, cleaning, data, software, scripts
  • How to prepare: preferred file formats, codebook, metadata, pseudonymisation
  • Where to archive: network storage, rdms, external archives
  • Who is responsible: for archiving, access after the project, access after you left the UG

Publishing data as Open as possible, as Closed as necessary

  • How to choose a suitable repository
  • Selections to publish, demands from publishers and funders, demands by the GDPR to protect sensitive data
  • Open, restricted, closed
  • How to make your data FAIR: file formats, codebook, metadata, persistent identifier
  • Demonstration of the workflow in DataverseNL
  • Licenses for re-use, restrictions on access