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Workshop: The Mechanical Philosophy

Wanneer:do 06-04-2017

This workshop is the second meeting of the workshop series The early modern debate on causality: roots and perspectives

14.00-15.15: Maarten van Dyck (Gent): Mechanical nature and Archimedean causality

Short summary: What’s the philosophy of nature implicit in the Archimedean treatment of mechanical instruments such as the lever? That’s the question I will try to answer. This will allow me to trace an alternative mechanical tradition that runs through late sixteenth and seventeenth century thinking, one that is partly overlapping but not coinciding with what is usually understood as mechanical philosophy.

15.30-16.45 Laura Georgescu (Groningen): Spheres of virtue: an alternative account of causation?

Short Summary: TBA

17.00-18.15: Cees Leijenhorst (Nijmegen): TBA

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