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The Groningen Research Institute of Philosophy (GRIPh) was established in 2000 to guide, stimulate and unify all research carried out within the Faculty of Philosophy. Its mission is to cover the various philosophical fields and sub-disciplines as broadly as possible and to strive for quality that meets high international standards, ensuring sufficient critical mass and coherence of the three research programmes: Theoretical Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy and History of Philosophy. GRIPh’s strong emphasis on high-quality research is reflected in its recruitment policy (including the introduction of tenure tracks), its procedure for assessing research output and its active and successful strategy acquisition of competitive external funding.

GRIPh Board

High rankings

This research group is consistently ranked as one of the best Dutch philosophy departments in external assessments. Our research is recognized for its international influence across a wide range of topics in systematic philosophy, in particular epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of science, and cultural criticism, as well as in the history of philosophy, in particular ancient philosophy, early modern philosophy, and philosophy of the nineteenth and twentieth century.


Our researchers are also recognized for their active engagement within the public debate in the Netherlands. A distinctive feature is that much of the research is designed to be relevant to other disciplines, while methods and findings of other disciplines are in turn considered indispensable for GRIPh’s philosophical research. This is reflected in the content of the academic output, in the composition of the staff (a majority graduated in another discipline in addition to philosophy), and in the profile of the faculty’s educational programmes.

Quality Assessment: excellent

The research conducted in the Faculty of Philosophy in the period 2005-2011 has been assessed by an international research assessment committee. The committee states:

"In most of the areas in which it has specialized, GRIPh is producing research that is cutting-edge by international standards."

Three of the four assessed research groups obtained the highest possible score: on each of the relevant criteria the research of these groups was judged 'excellent'.

Research Assessment GRIPh (2005-2011), Full Report, published 2012

This is the most recent assessment. As soon as new results are in, they will be published here.

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