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Introduction for prospective (international) students

Philosophy in Groningen

Philosophy students from around the world know where to find us!

Introduction to Logic course by Prof. Barteld Kooi
Introduction to Logic course by Prof. Barteld Kooi

The Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen offers high quality teaching and research and a very friendly atmosphere. Please browse our English-taught degree programmes, possibilities for exchange and summer/winter schools. If you have questions after consulting these pages, please see below who to contact:

Questions about....

Exchange programme, grants, scholarships and general inquiries

Questions about the exchange programme, grants and scholarships and general inquiries about studying philosophy in Groningen as an international student may be addressed to our international officer Regine van Groningen, via E-mail:

Admission and application

Questions regarding the application procedures of philosophy degree programmes may be addressed to the Admissions Office via E-mail

Programme and courses

Specific questions about the content of the study programmes and course contents may be addressed to our student advisor Harrie ten Have, tel. 050 - 363 6157, E-mail:

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