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Psychologie (EN)

The Bachelor Programme in Psychology at the University of Groningen is a versatile, scientific degree programme that has the following specializations:

  • industrial and organizational psychology
  • cognitive psychology and psychophysiology
  • clinical neuropsychology
  • clinical psychology
  • developmental psychology
  • applied social psychology

The programme offers a thorough training in methodological and statistical knowledge and skills. The specializations correspond to the different directions in the Master Programme of Psychology and the career opportunities described in the various contexts there.

In Groningen you can study Psychology in Dutch or in English.

The Bachelor Programme in Psychology at the University of Groningen is a versatile, scientific degree programme that has the following specializations:

Psychology pervades all forms of human activity and psychologists deal with human behaviour and development in many fields, including psychological treatment, education, work place, sports, environment, traffic, health, media, and more. In clinical professions, for example, they are concerned with the treatment of people with emotional or behavioural disorders or are supporting patients with neurological deficits. Developmental issues are central to clinical work as well, since origins of maladaptive behaviour often lie in early childhood.

In the bachelor program, you learn about theories of the biological, cognitive, and social factors influencing behaviour. In addition, you obtain basic conversational and diagnostic skills necessary for work in practice. Finally, you are trained to get an in-depth focus on the statistical knowledge and skills essential to scientific research, and you learn to reflect on scientific theory in psychology. In the third year of the Bachelor, you have the possibility to specialise in a domain of your own interest and that fits best with the track in your future Master.

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  • Testimonial van Jeremy Dillmann

    The third year of the psychology program gives you a lot of freedom. You have the opportunity to follow your interests and choose subjects that really stimulate you.

    Jeremy DillmannLees verder
  • Testimonial van prof. dr. B.M. (Barbara) Wisse

    Over the years one of my main research interests has been the topic of power, leadership, and influence in organizations.

    prof. dr. B.M. (Barbara) WisseLees verder
  • Testimonial van Brian Ostafin

    Automaticity and addiction

    Brian OstafinLees verder
  • Testimonial van William Pitz

    The study is quite broad

    William PitzLees verder
  • Testimonial van Prof. dr. T.T. (Tom) Postmes

    Interaction between individual, group and society

    Prof. dr. T.T. (Tom) PostmesLees verder
  • Testimonial van Marco Burelli

    The students on my degree programme are very open and friendly.

    Marco BurelliLees verder

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