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I can't logon to Pure; what can I do?

There are several possible reasons why you cannot log in to Pure.

  1. First of all for UMCG staff: you must log in as a UMCG employee; even if you are a  UG researcher with a small appointment at the UMCG, you must log in as a UMCG employee, not as a RUG employee. See Login to Pure (for UMCG staff).
  2. For RUG and UMCG staff: If you are not successful in logging on, please delete the cookies from your web browser before you log in, or log on to Pure using your browser's incognito/private window; and then try again.
  3. Do not use Internet Explorer in the above steps, but for example MS Edge, or Google Chrome.
  4. If you still cannot log in, please send a message as a RUG staff to pure, or as a UMCG staff to
  5. Sometimes the login problem is related to your appointment at the university or at the UMCG. If your appointment at RUG or UMCG continues but the appointment in Pure has been terminated, you will still need to contact the HR department of your research institute, or go to
  • If you have a 0 appointment but no Pure access, you must ask the HR department of your research institute for a 0 appointment with Pure access.
  • If you are a former researcher at RUG or UMCG, you can send your publication details to pure, or as a UMCG employee to pure

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