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Information for supervisors

Here you can find information for (co-)supervisors, members of the assessment committee, reading committee, deans and referees cum laude.

Temporary problem UMCG/FMS: Hora Finita email in spam box

Important Hora Finita e-mails to members of a review or promotion committee, may end up in their spam folder .

It has to do with the UMCG's strict spam settings that Hora Finita supplier Fargeau cannot avoid. Supplier Fargeau and the UMCG ICT support are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible.


Drag the automated Hora Finita emails from the spam box to the inbox. The email programme will recognise the sender as "safe" in most cases from now on.  

Frequently asked questions

I am a supervisor or co-supervisor; how can I access the PhD track of a PhD student in Hora Finita?

As soon as you are linked to a PhD student you can access the information about the PhD track. You can login into Hora Finita using your p-number.

I want an assessment from external referees for a cum laude predicate. What should I do?

A member of the assessment committee canindicate that a thesis is worthy of a cum laude predicate and suggest referees. If the assessment committee unanimously indicates cum laude worthy then the Faculty Beadle or a member of staff of the graduate school will enter the names of the referees and the Dean must approve these.

After this approval, the referees will be asked to assess the thesis. If the referees are of the unanimous opinion that the thesis is worthy of a cum laude predicate, a cum laude certificate will be requested from the printer. If a cum laude predicate is awarded during the PhD ceremony, this will be registered by the PhD Office.

Not all the PhD’s tracks (UMCG only) are visible in Hora Finita. What should I do?

Open the PhD projects tab. By default, it only shows the active tracks. By clicking on the cross behind the filter active (see image) all trajectories become visible.


Didn't find an answer? Please contact Hora Finita Support.

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