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  • I want to look at a manuscript; will that be possible?

    Most of the manuscripts in Special Collections can be consulted at one of the four work stations at the front of the desk. However, some of the manuscripts are so valuable that you will need special permission to do so from the curator.
  • Can I have access to one of your archives?

    Please contact our Special Collections department.
    Mail to: bijzonderecollecties-bibliotheek
  • Can you provide a valuation for an old book?

    A potential funding body will particularly be interested in the financial value of an old work after restoration, and will therefore request a valuation of before and after processing. As library staff, we are not authorized to carry out such valuations. You will need to approach a qualified valuer for this, who will usually also be an antiquarian or auctioneer.
  • Do you have any information about a grandparent of mine who was enrolled at the University of Groningen?

    You can check our Album Promotorum to see whether your forebear has been mentioned. The UG registration office cannot offer any information for reasons of privacy.
  • Is it possible to obtain a digital version of a portrait of a professor?

    Copyright for portraits lies with the University Museum. You can contact them through the e-mail address universiteitsmuseum
  • Can you scan a book or copy a photo for me?

    Check in e.g. Google Books, Delpher or ContentDM whether the book has already been digitized. You will find more information at the webpage about Reproductions.
  • Do you also have books that are digitally available?

    You can consult digitally available books via the following collections:

  • Didn't find an answer?

    If you can't find your question, please complete the form Your question.
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