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ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a persistent digital identifier consisting of an unique sixteen digit code. An ORCID can be requested for free. After this it can be used to distinguish yourself from every other researcher. ORCID supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities. Not only published articles, but all scholarly research output such as data, software, patents and grant proposals can be linked to ORCID.

Frequently asked questions

  • Avoid name confusion, increase visibility
    ORCID helps you to (permanently) link your unique identifier with your publications and research activities. An ORCID prevents confusion about author names and ensures you will get credit for you work. It benefits your visibility and impact.
  • International standard
    Major journals and funders request or even require an ORCID if you send in your manuscript or grant application, and their number is growing.
  • Save time
    Once you have an ORCID, you do not have to fill in your address, employment history, affiliation details over and over again when applying for grants or submitting a manuscript.
  • Open and transparant
    ORCID is an open, community driven, non-profit organization. The identifier is universal and interoperable. It has already been adopted by many organizations and it fits within the context of open science.
  • Privacy guaranteed
    Researchers own and control their own ORCID records. As a researcher you decide to register, what to link to your ID, what organizations you allow access, what information you want to make publicly available, what to share with trusted parties, and what to keep private.
  • Not limited to a single institution
    You can take your ORCID with you throughout your academic career, even when you move from one university or research institute to another. To be able to do this, please make sure to register your ORCID also with a persistent email address, such as a private email address.

How do I get an ORCID?

Simply request it on the ORCID website.

Can I create an ORCID in Pure, the repository of the University of Groningen?

No, it is not possible yet to request an ORCID in Pure. This can only be done via the Orcid register.  

Once you have an ORCID it is possible to save this in Pure. By saving your ORCID to your personal profile in Pure it becomes easier to link your work to you. If you registered your ORCID in Pure, then your ORCID is also shown on your personal profile page on the University of Groningen website.

What is the difference between a ResearcherID, Scopus ID and ORCID?

ResearcherID and Scopus ID are the digital autor identifiers of two commercial institutions: Thomson Reuters and Elsevier. ORCID is an international non-profit initiative. It is possible to connect your ORCID to your Researcher and / or Scopus ID.

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