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University of Groningen Library

University of Groningen Library Locations University Library City Centre

PR expressions in the building

Promotional activities

It is not possible to use UB City Centre for promotional activities, like handing out flyers.

Filmshoots in the UB

Would you like to film or photograph in the UB City Centre for PR purposes? Please contact communicatie-bibliotheek for permission, stating the purpose and date (at least one week in advance).

TV screens

In the coffee corners of the UB City Centre and in the UB Zernike there are TV screens. These monitors display current information about the library: opening times, data from instruction sessions, etc.

Student organizations may also convey information to library users via these screens. Please note:

  • the announcements must serve no commercial purpose
  • your organisation has a link with the RUG
  • the information may be shown for a limited period only (about four weeks maximum)
  • the presentation may not be too long (a maximum of six screen pages)

Remember to:

  • Make the presentation in a broad landscape format, minimum 1,920 pixels x 1,080 pixels
  • Send the presentation as an image, e.g. .jpg of .png. Please do not submit a pdf
  • Send the presentation at least one week in advance
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