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Centre for Operational Excellence (COPE)
Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre for Operational Excellence (COPE) Activities


As COPE Centre of Expertise we periodically organise workshops which focus on subjects in the field of logistic and operational processes. Twice a year, for example, we organise our ‘Lean workshop’ for a wide target group. Other potential subjects for workshops are: stock management, e-commerce logistics, production planning, lean manufacturing, maintenance planning and supply chain management.

We offer both in-company workshops and on-campus workshops. COPEPremium en COPEResearch Members are eligible for in-company workshops. Please contact us for further details.

COPE Lean workshops

The University of Groningen has offered its Lean workshop for over 10 years, which makes it the longest and most successful COPE workshop. In 2016, this workshop was offered in cooperation with the Lean Innovation Network for the first time.

The workshop is meant for Boards of Directors, managers and team leaders in industry and commerce and improves understanding of the most important LEAN concepts and ideas. Many COPE Members send their new staff to this workshop in order to make them familiar with Lean quickly, so they will be able to improve business processes effectively and more rapidly.

The costs are €795 per person. Companies which are COPE Members will receive a 50% discount and, besides that, are given priority to non-members in case of oversubscription.

Programme of the COPE Lean Workshop

Why Lean and what else is going on? Why is working on lean and smart organisations so important nowadays? What is the relationship between Lean, Smart Industry, Sustainability and the circular economy?

What is Lean? Lean Philosophy, Lean Principles and dilemmas. What does Lean mean and what dilemmas are organisations confronted with in practice when they make processes lean?

The lessons which many organisations learned in 12 years of Lean Innovation Network. The Lean Innovation Network was set up as far back as in 2005 and, throughout the years, important lessons have been learned. In retrospect, many organisations admit that they chose the wrong approach. While each single organisation chooses their own path, and they should, clearly there are success factors regarding change which can be identified. These lessons can save you a great deal of time and money.


Value Stream Mapping (VSM). How do you make a Value Stream Map? This technique will be trained based on a stylised practical case.

Continuous Improvement in practice. Each participant in this part of the workshop is going to be an employee in a biscuit factory. The basic proposition is the desire to make continuous improvements. A number of significant lean tools will come up for discussion, including how to apply VSM/D (Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Design), choice of improvement activities, A3 thinking and organising Kaizen events.


Company visit (optional)

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