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Centre for Operational Excellence (COPE)
Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre for Operational Excellence (COPE) Activities

In-house days


Many companies organise in-house days. Students are invited to come to an in-house day and become acquainted with the company, often by carrying out assignments which are inspired by the company's practice.

COPE helps the associated companies to get through to the right students by making announcements. COPE can also assist in formulating assignments and see to it that they fit well with the target group.

The students

We offer four Master's degree programmes, namely ‘Technology and Operations Management’, ‘Supply Chain Management’, ‘Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Sciences’ and ‘Industrial Engineering and Management’. Students are taught to look from a different background at, among other things, stock management, maintenance planning, smart manufacturing and services, logistics and supply chain management.

Keep informed

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