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Centre for Operational Excellence (COPE)
Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre for Operational Excellence (COPE) Activities

Internships & Traineeships

Work placements

We offer four Master's degree programmes, namely ‘Technology and Operations Management’, ‘Supply Chain Management’, ‘Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Sciences’ and ‘Industrial Engineering and Management’. Students are taught to look from a different background at, among other things, stock management, maintenance planning, smart manufacturing and services, logistics and supply chain management.

All through our students' internships and traineeships, we work together with associated companies on an ongoing line of research regarding the various projects. We also ensure the continuity of the supervising team and help select appropriate students.


The contacts between companies and students brought about by COPE, for instance through the work placements, regularly lead to an employment relationship between the student and the company. Many associated companies thus regard this as an effective recruitment strategy for their trainee programmes.

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