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Students' projects at companies

In many instances, our Master students complete their final paper as part of an internship or research project at an organisation. Below you will find an overview of final papers (per subject) written in recent years.

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Technology and Operations Management, 2015
Naam Bedrijf Titel
I. Bosklopper Trelleborg Group Lead Times in MRP systems, Examining the effects of the aggregation level of planning
A.E. Croes The Coatinc Company Groningen Improving the use of production planning and scheduling systems
J. ten Doesschate FAES Group Dead-On-Arrivals investigating indirect costs
P. van Eck Scania Production Meppel Maintenance strategy development
J.E. Fokkema Feederlines Modelling voyage specific fuel type decisions under probabilistic fuel prices and ECA presence. Estimating fuel costs for LNG Dual Fuel and conventional merchant vessels
J.C.F.M. Hack Weir Minerals Netherlands Assessing and validating sustainability tools & metrics from the DoSym research programme at Weir Minerals Netherlands
B.M. Hoogeboom TATA Steel A new framework for maintenance strategy development
C. Jonker GeesinkNorba B.V Modularity Usage: Successful implementation of product modularity
W. Osinga Mindtracks Productions Adaptive simulation-based serious games: Tailoring conceptual models to accommodate individual learning needs
R.J.F. Schaafsma Scania Logistics How dynamic capabilities influence performance frontiers
G.J. Stoffers Scania The moderating role of workforce agility: if and why workforce agility leads to intrinsic motivation
R. Troelstra TATA Steel The volatility of decoupling points in a changing strategic climate
K. van der Veen Groningen Seaports The influencing factors on implementing a Total Cost of Ownership approach
E.R.M. Voogt Groningen Seaports Assessing Maintenance Contracts Risks
B. de Wilde Europe Container Terminals (ECT) A simulation to examine a synchromodal hinterland transportation network

Supply chain management, 2015
Naam Bedrijf Titel
H.M. Deddens Gerechtshof Arnhem-Leeuwarden Performance in the criminal justice chain: the influence of the criminal justice context on collaboration
T. Gollackner Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen Development of a LNG distribution network for inland shipping
L. van Helvert Groningen Seaports The impact of the Physical Internet on storage location and configuration of different seaports
I. Jansman Gasunie Creating complementarity: The facilitating role of supplier performance management
A. Klassen Gasunie Sensemaking in Contract Management
S.A. Nijland Wijnne & Barends Logistics BV Moving Across Boundaries to Next Level CI: a case study on Continuous Improvement in a Logistics Service Provider-context
G.C. Spronk Randstad Integral Workforce Planning: An overview of factors that can be used in mathematical modelling
E. Turrin CSi Romania Facility Copy-Paste: Cultural disturbances on Facility Set-Up
T. Wijnsma Gasunie Improving contractual performance: considerations of contract management capacity
F.T. Wolven Royal Netherlands Army Fighting Barriers: A Military Case Study on Supply Chain Integration”

Operations Research, 2015
Naam Bedrijf Titel
M.H. Jacobs Districon Dynamic demand allocation in a multi-channel company
W.G. Scherphof Centric Sorting out the order batching problem
R.W.A. te Wierik Ortec Maintenance on a Flow Network with Penalty Costs
D. Witteveen Ortec Maximum gas production under equipment related restrictions
M.T. Zijlstra Abovo Heterogeneous empty wagon repositioning with a capacitated network design

Double Degree Technology and Operations Management, 2015
Naam Bedrijf Titel
A.S.M. Kamphuis Aviko The role of supply seasonality in the food-processing industry: an MRP-based inventory control system
R. Land Tata Steel End-of-life of physical assets: A methodology for strategic decision making
J.M. Mittag Ministerie van Financiën Smart and Secure Trade Lanes: Assessing how a maritime supply chain security initiative affects manufacturing companies
R. Slot ProRail Consolidating Freight Trains for Efficient Use of Existing Capacity: A Simulation Study
H.J. Veenstra Telson B.V. Granularity level & information provision within a seafood traceability system: A single case study within the shrimp industry
J.A. van der Wal ECN Megaprojects: risks and uncertainties in the planning of offshore wind projects
N.C. van der Wijden Friesland Campina Design of a make and buy strategy to manage uncertainties in food supply chains

Technology and Operations Management, 2014
Naam Bedrijf Titel
P.C. den Bak Royal Netherlands Army Integral Fleet Management: A Sophisticated Approach
E. Breeuwsma Wavin Relating product portfolio complexity and portfolio profitability: a case study
R.M. Bresser Friesland Campina Reducing the duration of maintenance tasks by using SMED techniques
K. Hesse Philips Best practices on the implementation of sustainability in leading Dutch industries
L.S. Houkema Sitech Services Performance in maintenance; Methodological approach to deal with the Performance Killers and Cost Drivers
B.R.J. Jansen Stork Quality-thinking in an Industrial Machinery Overhaul Context
S. Jorritsma Royal Netherlands Army The influences of supply chain management system elements on delivery reliability of spare parts suppliers
V. Klink TATA Steel The design and testing of a maturity model for autonomous maintenance (A3M)
J.V. Kluitenberg Friesland Campina Perishable goods production: Selecting maintenance policies in order to maximize profit. A case study
R.S. Parsoe Productschap Akkerbouw Pulsing towards an innovative sugar production method
M. Roelfsema KLM A strategy for the acceleration of biojet fuel commercialisation
R. Schuurman FrieslandCampina If down, do Selecting opportunistic maintenance tasks during unexpected downtime
I.H. Sonneveld Flora Holland The supply chain role of a modern auction in the floriculture sector
A. den Uijl FrieslandCampina Sinking in a sea of spare parts: A practical model for optimizing inventory levels
T. Veenstra Post NL A research on the influencing factors on eco-driving behaviour
E.E.R.M. Voerman Heineken Quality control and labor productivity
M. Vreekamp EMS Networks Emergency Medical Service at offshore sites: Exploring and evaluating alternative network designs
L. Weemstra Province Friesland The success parameters of Supply Chain Sustainability Cooperation
H. Westerhoff Materials Handling Group INC. Using risk categories for a customized development process to improve quality
T. de Wolf Friesland Campina Scheduling preventive maintenance in a parallel machine environment with workforce dependent processing times
M. Wolters Biblionet Groningen Developing supply chain configurations for a public library network: a case study at Biblionet Groningen.

Supply chain management, 2014
Naam Bedrijf Titel
H. Dittfeld Friesland Campina Determining supply chain complexity in the food processing industry: a case study
A.J. Dreischerf Districon Online Customers in Control: Reducing Warehouse Costs Through Differentiated Lead Times
B. Hennig Alfa Laval Manufacturing Flexibility: Dealing with Seasonal Demand Variability
R. Hodenpijl Houtbrox Procurement in Business Service Triads: From Insights to Control
D. Rodenburg CB logistics Picking the right order: Combining traditional retailing with online retailing
S. Steijn Volvo The automobile industry : pricing the trim levels
H. Tolsma Groningen Seaports NV Providing insights for a port authority as a coordinating body of industrial symbiosis

Operations Research, 2014
Naam Bedrijf Titel
K. Groenbroek Ortec A Decision Support Model for Condition-Based Maintenance of Multi-Component Systems
L. Kools TNO The effect of modeling choices on decision making regarding the optimal planning of distributed generation
N. de Vries Districon A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for a Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem Variant with Split Delivery and an Inventory Restriction

Double Degree Technology and Operations Management, 2014
Naam Bedrijf Titel
F.C. Cats Unilever Design of a no-rejection time-based policy for the hybrid MTO – MTS food processing industry

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