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Research master - full-time

Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology


  • 1st year

    The year begins with several courses to solidify your basis in psychology, medicine, and epidemiology. After this begins the Master Thesis project which will continue until the second year. This involves the creation, presentation, and defence of a detailed research proposal.

  • 2nd year

    The second year mainly consists of the Master Thesis Project: data collection, data analyses and writing of the thesis. During the Master Thesis Project students choose some elective courses based on their area of interest, background knowledge, and the topic of their project. This culminates in the design of your own PhD project, and each year several excellent PhD proposals are granted with a PhD position at the University Medical Centre Groningen.

Programme schedule

Courses year 1Courses year 2
Health Psychology (4 EC)Elective Courses (12 EC)
Measuring Concepts in Qualitative Research (2 EC)Methodology Phase II/III Clinical Trials (2 EC)
Basics in Medicine (8 EC)Coach groups (9 EC)
Basics in Psychology and Psychosocial Factors (8 EC)Master thesis project - Part II (39 EC)
Master Thesis Project - Part I (15 EC)Project management (1 EC)
Medical Statistics (4 EC)Seminars (3 EC)
Psychiatric Epidemiology (4 EC)Writing a (PhD) research proposal (8 EC)
Public Health Epidemiology (4 EC)
Study designs in clinical epidemiology (4 EC)

Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology; Lifecourse epidemiology; Biobank; Quality of Life; Public Mental Health; Health Psychology; Psychiatric Epidemiology; Medical Statistics.

Study abroad

  • Study abroad is optional

Although not required, the possibility exists for students to complete part of this programme abroad. You can discuss such opportunities wiht your coordinator or supervisor.

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