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Feringa donates Nobel Medal to University Museum

26 January 2017
Feringa donates Nobel Medal to Poppema (photo: Dirk Fennema)
Feringa donates Nobel Medal to Poppema (photo: Dirk Fennema)

On Wednesday, Nobel Prizewinner Ben Feringa donated a replica of his Nobel Medal to the University Museum. He did so during the opening ceremony for the Nobel Science Exhibition at the University Museum. In his speech, Feringa discussed the future-proofness of the sciences and the University and emphasized that he hoped to be able to work with young people for many years to come.

Forgotten researchers

Ben Feringa’s Nobel Prize is not a flash in the pan. Many scientists in the UG’s past have conducted research that could have won a Nobel Prize. Sometimes they were so far ahead of their time that others have been rewarded for discoveries that they had already made. The exhibition ‘Nobel Science. Feringa, Zernike and the Groningen tradition’ will put these (often forgotten) researchers in the spotlight and alongside Feringa’s research.


There is of course plenty of attention for Ben Feringa in the exhibition. What exactly is his nanomotor research about? How can you create a molecule that you can’t even see? And what will be the future of the ‘Groningen tradition’, which links fundamental research to practical

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