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Loan policy


The University Museum Groningen only lends objects to officially recognised cultural institutions through the following procedure:

  • The loan request must be submitted at least three months before the intended loan date
  • Requests will be taken into consideration after submitting a written request addressed to: Lars Hendrikman, Director University Museum Groningen.

The application must contain at least the following information:

  • Exhibition period
  • Title of the exhibition
  • Location of the exhibition
  • Name and address of the institution requesting the loan, contact within the institution, telephone number and email address
  • List of the requested loan objects

Terms and conditions

I. Transport and insurance
  • The borrower must insure the loans all-risk, nail to nail, in accordance with the insurance conditions stipulated by the lender.
  • The borrower will arrange and pay for the transport of the loans.
II. Conditions
  • The loans must be kept in a safe place during the loan period. The loans must be exhibited in locked display cases.
  • The loans may only be handled by professionals wearing gloves.
  • Flat objects (prints, documents, photographs) may not be glued or pinned.
  • The maximum illumination of fragile materials such as textiles and paper is 50 lux. Loans may not be exposed to sunlight.
  • Loans may not be displayed in showcases containing MDF.
  • The provenance of the exhibited loans and of reproductions thereof in accompanying printed materials or online must be stated as ‘University Museum Groningen’.
III. Additional terms
  • The lender receives a presentation copy of the catalogue or publication accompanying the exhibition.
  • Loans may not be made available to third parties for research, restoration, maintenance or to make reproductions of any kind.
  • Loss or damage during the loan period must be reported immediately to the lender. The costs of repairing damage shall be charged to the borrower.
  • The loans must be returned in the same condition as in which they were provided by the lender. Under no circumstances is a change in the condition of the loans permitted. No conservation treatment, such as cleaning, polishing, etc., may be carried out on the loans.
  • The loans must be returned to the lender within seven days after the end of the exhibition, unless agreed otherwise.
  • The loans must be safely packaged and returned.
IV. Final conditions and costs
  • In situations not provided for in these loan conditions, the lender will be the deciding party.
  • Costs are charged for inspection, cleaning, possible restoration and preparation for travel. The minimum handling fee per object is €225.
Last modified:23 August 2023 12.42 p.m.
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