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University museum
University Museum


The University Museum Groningen is part of the University Services department. Together with Cultural Student Centre Usva, Studium Generale and the Sports Centre it represents the department’s Community pillar.

Collection policy plan

Since 1934, the academic and cultural heritage of the University of Groningen has been preserved and made accessible by the University Museum Groningen. The museum manages a collection of about one hundred thousand objects in the fields of university history and history of science. Information on the collection’s policy and management plan can be found in the Collection Plan 2022-2027 (only available in Dutch).



Lars Hendrikman

Team Presentations

Linda Tijsma-Seremetis, exhibition coordinator and head of presentations
Redmar Hein, education and public activities
Mariska de Bone, marketing and projects
Renate Huttinga, web editor
Gertie Krajenbrink, facility management

Team Collections

Jan Waling Huisman, collection management and registrar
Ciska Ackermann, preservation and conservation
Iris Huizinga, collection management

Vincy Kleian, registration of collections
Alissa van der Scheer, academic staff

Student employees
  • Daniël Mustafa
  • Gijs Gommans
  • Huub van Middendorp
  • Mark Hektor
  • Samuël Kruk
  • Myrthe Puttenstein
  • Eva Mijnders
  • Bibian van Dijk
  • Minke Dijksterhuis
  • Renée de Vries
  • Ronja Groenewolt
  • Wiske Bruinsma
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