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Research Research Data Management

Webinar: Finding and Reusing Research Data

When:Th 26-11-2020 14:00 - 15:00
Where:Online (webinar)

"Research data management saves time and resources in the long run. Well-managed and accessible data allows others to validate and replicate findings".

This workshop provides awareness about finding and reusing data as a part of good research data management. Reusing data can safe time, however it can be a challenge to find these data. This workshop will give an introduction how to find reusable data for your own research. It will provide you with some good practices about how to find and reuse data. Moreover, it will guide you where to find support and additional training and tools for finding and reusing data.

At the end of the workshop you will have more understanding of:

  • Finding data; knowing which search strategies can be used to find data efficiently;
  • Access data; knowing the difference between Open data and Restricted (licensed) data and how to recognise these;
  • Reusing data; knowing which conditions can apply in this regard and how to recognise these;
  • Support; knowing how and where to find support or more information.

This is a general workshop and useful for all research masters, PhD students and newly joined researchers of every faculty at the University of Groningen.