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Into the White. Art & Science of the Arctic

13 April 2018 to 16 July 2018

An exhibition in the Student Exhibition Lab, a space dedicated to object-based teaching and the exhibition as innovative teaching and research format.

The objects in this exhibition will take you on a three hundred year journey through the lands of the Arctic. You will come across items made by the native Inuit peoples of Greenland and Alaska, animals native to the cold, northern climes, and things left behind by seventeenth-century whale hunters. Its harsh climate makes the Arctic a difficult place to live, but the cold also preserves fragile objects nearly perfectly. The cold offers a time capsule, giving researchers valuable insights into the history of not only the Arctic but also other cultures that visited the Arctic and left items behind. The great variety of objects on display here only gives a small impression of how much the Arctic has to offer.

The exhibition is a production put together by students of the University of Groningen under supervision of assistant professor Joost Keizer (Faculty of Arts) in collaboration with the Universiteitsmuseum.

Into the White
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