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University Museum Exhibitions Previous 2018 BEYOND THE LAB: the DIY Science Revolution

Beyond ‘Beyond the Lab’: be a citizen scientist yourself!

Are you inspired by the exhibition Beyond the Lab and do you want to be a citizen scientist yourself?

You can join scientific research in several ways. For example by measuring plastic pollution around the Waddenzee, or by researching the evolution of the snails in your own back yard. You can even join in Groningen at FabLab or at De Jonge Onderzoekers.

DIY-science projects

At everyone helps to find microplastics that washed ashore to make cleaning more efficient and to give scientists insight on the effects for nature at De Wadden.

Take a picture of a snail in your back yard and send it with Snailsnap. Scientists can use them to see how snails change due to climate change. The color of its shell tells us if the snail can deal with heat. You can download the app at Google Play.

Zoo Galaxy
Did you know that people are better at classifying tasks then computers? Join Galaxy Zoo and help to classify images of the universe.

Want to know more on citizen science and Zooniverse? On March 27 Stephen Serjeant will speak at Studium Generale with his lecture Citizen Science and the Data Avalanche . The lecture is English spoken and free for students.

Dutch platform: Ontdek de duisternis (counting stars)

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