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Collection of Dutch historical prints made accessible
Posted on:18 February 2021

In 2020, Mr G.A. Biezeveld and Mrs E. Biezeveld-Dikshoorn donated their beautiful collection of 718 Dutch historical prints created by over 200 artists to the University Library Groningen (UB). The inventory of these prints was recently completed and the collection is now accessible to researchers, lecturers, students and other interested parties. The prints collection, which has been named Biezeveld - Van den Steenhoven, can be consulted at the UB Department of Special Collections.

New light on Zernike through unknown archive
Posted on:16 February 2021

On our blog Gauronica, Annelies Noordhof-Hoorn tells about het exciting foray into the sixteen boxes that appeared to sit in the Special Collections vault.

Bijzondere Collecties als onderwijsmateriaal
Posted on:14 January 2021

RUG-docenten Frank Harbers en Huub Wijfjes gebruikten boeken, kranten en pamfletten uit onze Bijzondere Collecties voor hun online collegereeks Media History. Het leverde twee interessante filmpjes op, waarover de studenten erg enthousiast waren.

Special Collections receives remarkable gift
Posted on:26 November 2020

Friday 20 November, in the Special Collections research room UG Library director Marjolein Nieboer was handed a beautiful gift by Mrs Dini Stokkentreeff of Delden. It concerned three editions of the bible, at one time bound togehter in one volume (a so-called convolute).

On display in Aduard and Groningen
Posted on:02 November 2020

Three stunning works from the University of Groningen Library Special Collections are currently on display at exhibitions in Aduard and Groningen.

400 years of Groningen and Oldenburg: virtual exhibition
Posted on:29 October 2020

Today, Thursday 29 October, the UG celebrates 40 years of cooperation with the Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität in Oldenburg, Germany.

The Special Collections department made a virtual exhibition about 400 (!) years of Groningen and Oldenburg .

Tentoonstelling Verzamelwoede in het nieuws
Posted on:22 October 2020

Bijzondere Collecties in het nieuws. Het Dagblad van het Noorden besteedde deze week ruim aandacht aan onze nieuwe expositie Verzamelwoede, een eeuw Nederlandse plaatjesalbums uit eigen collectie (1920-2020).

Drinking like Brugman: new blog entry Gauronica
Posted on:20 October 2020

On our weblog Gauronica , about things from Groningen, that is to say: objects from the Special Collections in the University of Groningen Library, a new, richly illustrated article was published by UB staff member Wim Braakman .

Online lecture from Special Collections
Posted on:19 October 2020

Monday 19 October, in the Special Collections research room Huub Wijfjes and Frank Harbers shot a video for their online bachelor lecture Media Studies lecture. Among other subjects, they talked about the Index librorum prohibitorum (list of forbidden books).

Exhibition UB City Centre: Passion for collecting
Posted on:08 October 2020

In the University of Groningen Library City Centre, a colourful selection of albums for picture cards is now on show, published in the Netherlands over the last hundred years that have been added to collection of the University Library of Groningen.

  • University of Groningen Library City Centre
  • Display cabinet at Special Collections, stairwell 3rd floor
  • and also in every display cabinet in the stairwell and coffee corners
  • Thursday 8 October 2020 through Sunday 31 January 2021

Rhetoricians collection
Posted on:10 September 2020

Inventory Rhetoricians collection

Digital milestone for the University of Groningen Library
Posted on:04 September 2020

This summer, the UB Groningen reached an important digital milestone: over 33,000 books (33,386) from the collection have been digitized and made available online. Some of these can be consulted via Google Books, and even more via Delpher. The digitization took place across the past three years as part of a collaborative project with the National Library.

New virtual exhibition: Maps of Meaning
Posted on:06 August 2020

New virtual exhibition: Maps of Meaning

Special Collections research room open for UG staff and students
Posted on:25 June 2020

Limited reopening of Special Collections Research room for UG staff and students

Special Collections as Humanity Lab
Posted on:27 May 2020

In these corona times, the UG is still closed for the most part but, as a first step, its laboratories have reopened. The Special Collections research room at the UB belongs to this category too. Is that strange? Not really, because the Special Collections department is the laboratory where you can research humanity.

Recluses, not only in these times...
Posted on:18 May 2020

During these times of crisis, most of us have become shut-ins. But history shows that we are far from the only ones to stay indoors for an extended period of time.
UB staff member Wim Braakman wrote an article for our weblog Gauronica about recluses through the centuries, from Simeon the Stylite through friar Hugo , who has been living as a recluse in Warfhuizen for the last 18 years.

UG board happy with the UB services
Posted on:18 May 2020

Member of the board Hans Biemans visited the University of Groningen Library staff members still working behind the scenes in the UB City Centre. They see to it that returned books are taken in safely, and requested books are positioned in the Self service A section to be picked up by our users. Also, the research room of the Special Collections department is open again to UG staff and students.

Unique posters with Nazi propaganda in the UB
Posted on:29 April 2020

The vault of the Special Collections department of the University of Groningen Library holds more than 70 posters with propaganda slogans from the Nazi period. These often richly illustrated posters were distributed in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation under the motto Slogan of the workling week.

New: frequently asked questions services UB
Posted on:25 March 2020

New: frequently asked questions services UB

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