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The time traveller

13 March 2015

Our pace is faster than ever. Keep your eyes focused on the horizon. The future is lead by the game changers. Those that predict the future profit. Valuable knowledge and skills are not only about the current moment, but more about the time that is yet to come.

No education can fully prepare you for the future. After all, our future will always be partially unknown. Within a few years, a course such as ‘Social Media’ from my study in Communication Sciences will inevitably have brought me false knowledge, because our society is continuously changing. Your education may adapt to recent changes, but that doesn't make it suitable for every change ahead. Be sure to know of the developments and changes within your field of study. Imagine how your field of work will change in the upcoming years. The most valuable knowledge is knowledge about the future.

Rhythm of the future

Skipping rope is for everyone with insight. The children in the schoolyard pay attention. Following the rhythm of the rope, predicting what’s to come. Starting of with understanding, followed by predicting, concluding with action. Many of the studies at the University of Groningen could be referenced to that simple sequence. We’re educated to know and understand the same things. Excellent students go the extra mile. Using their knowledge of the present, they seem to know something about the future. Envisioning the future and thinking about upcoming changes within our field of work is a wise thing to do.

Chosen direction

The future holds many developments. Within the field of Communication, interpersonal communication will become more important as a reaction to mass media. Creativity and ingenuity are relevant, but will become a defining factor in the succes of media, as only unique messages will catch attention. These are examples of broad developments. I don’t know what the trends in your field of study are. That is something you will have to discover on your own. And when you do, make note of the trends that fit your interests. You can only become great at something when your motivation holds no limits and when you truly love what you do.

Dreams and deeds

This is the age of trial and error. People that became successful didn't only think, but also started doing. I seem to have too many acquaintances with great but unused ideas, out of fear of failure. They could have become a game changer. I even have friends that dare to be truly enthusiastic about a job vacancy, without applying for the job. From this perspective, it seems that boldness is one the best things to have. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, as it’s a way of learning. Also, the value of trying but failing is far greater than doing nothing at all. Success seems to be not only about understanding and predicting, but also about doing.

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