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The NEXT-Blogger

20 October 2014

NEXT is the bridge between your studies and your career. Many (newly graduated) students already make good use of that. Thanks to one of our workshops or a visit to our service point, they learn how they can get that cool job. We know how hard it can be to highlifht your knowledge and qualities in your CV our motivationletter. We're here to think with you. That is what we like. That is why we put a lot of time and energy in solving the questions you have. This way, you can make big steps towards your dreamjob.

Your first step

You've already taken the first step. You reading this text means you think about how to get an interesting job, now or in the future. You understand that knowledge on applying can help you achieve that. Or you just accidentally clicked on this blog. But I advise you to stay and keep reading. Knowledge on applying is of great value. Every two weeks, I will write about a subject that has to do with getting theat job you want. Accept for this first blog, here, I'll just introduce myself.

This is me

I am a student Communcation- and Informationsciences. Besides being a student, I am also an intern at bureau Statement, an organization that provides communications consulting. But I am also someone, like you, that used to have a lot of questions. About how to reach the jobmarket, for instance. Nowadays I've learnt a lot about it. I would like to share this with you. Because I think it is cool you visit

Your next step

You will find another blog here in two weeks. This will contain the first advice you can use to improve your chances to get the job that is fit for you. The NEXT-website is loaded with information and tips about motivationletters and CV's and more. And don't forget our workshops. Use it to your advantage. Come by our service point at the University Library. Here we can help you with your CV and motivationletter, here you will find me, or one of eight other students that make NEXT's studentspool. See you at NEXT!

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