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The Falling Walls Lab Groningen 2015 announced its winners

29 October 2015

The Falling Walls Lab Groningen brought together 13 young high-potentials and invited them to share their innovative ideas, social initiatives and research projects on 16 October 2015.

The University of Groningen's second Falling Walls Lab was again hosted at the Infoversum, the first full-dome 3D theater of the Netherlands. A distinguished jury made up of representatives from academia, the industry and policy-making selected the three most intriguing presentations. The top two presenters will pitch their work once more on the global stage of the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November. A representative of NEXT will travel with the winners to Berlin to support them during the global finale.

Meet the winners:

Lorenzo Massimo Polgar (Netherlands), University of Groningen - Breaking the Wall of Rubber Waste

Lorenzo wishes to recycle rubber. He believes that the use of reversible connections can help form an elastic rubber network, by which it will be made possible to reuse rubber materials for new applications.

Julius Schöning (Germany), University of Osnabrück - Breaking the Wall of Emotional Urbanism

Common maps are created for navigation only. Julius intends to give them human flavor – emotional color by creating a world map layer displaying the emotions people experience in places.

the winners of Galling Walls Lab Groningen

Meet the jury of academia and business:

Dr. Jennifer Jordan, Prof. Kees van Hummelen, Niek Huizinga, Edward van der Meer, Jan van der Oord, Prof. Hanny Elzinga and Maarten Hoekstra.

the jury of Falling Walls Lab Groningen

Meet the team of Falling Walls Lab Groningen:

Julian Ranft, Jantine Verver, Shanty Vriesema, Hoang Nguyen, Dr. Jennifer Jordan and Jochem Andriessen.

the organizing team of Falling Walls Lab Groningen
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