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Interview with Dorien Lanting, last year’s event organiser

09 May 2017

Dorien Lanting works for Career Services of the University of Groningen since September 2015 as a trainer and advisor. She is a Master student of Theology and Religious Studies. Dorien was involved in the organisation of previous year’s edition of the Charity event, which was also the first one in this NGO speed-date format.

What motivated you to set up the first edition of the Volunteer for your Career?

It was actually one of our former student poolers, Mariëlle Splint, who came up with the idea. As we are focused so much on Career, that we might want to think about the implications of pursuing such a career for the benefit of the world. She pointed out that there's more to a career than just the pursuit of money. Hoang (Corporate Relations at Career Services) added that one of the general complaints of employers is the lack of volunteering experience on C.V.'s and there it was: an idea of a charity event.

For my personal motivation: I can say that I am very happy to be the one who came up with the title: Volunteer for your Career. Not because it rhymes (OK that's nice too ;)) but mainly because I truly believe in that goal of this event: to make students aware of the enormous benefits that come with volunteering experience. It makes you grow personally, become socially concerned, teaches you skills and therefore makes you a bigger asset to any company that glances over your C.V. That we were able to enhance that goal with the inclusion of actual internship/career options during that day, only makes me prouder to have been part of this organization.

What makes this event stand out from other events organised by the Career Services?

Career Services University of Groningen offers a wide range of activities and events that are hard to compare. I would never claim that Volunteer for your Career would outshine 'Make it in the North', 'Solliciteren met een Functiebeperking' (Applying with a Functional Disability) or any of the other events that we organize. But I do think this event gives an unique opportunity for a wide range of students: the opportunity to think bold, think outside of the boxes of career opportunities and more in the dimension of your personal growth.

How does volunteering/working for an NGO benefit your future career?

I hope I have made my general viewpoint on the absolute benefit of volunteering clear in my former answers. If not, feel free to ask ;). For myself, I have seen how my personal curiosity for other cultures has laid the basis for the Research Master I am currently in. I volunteered in Bahrain, and was stunned by the similarities that we had throughout different cultures, ages, languages, genders and religions. Yet, I also learned that we are still far from reaching full understanding of the Other. This has given me new inspiration to actually dive into those differences and see if I can clarify them to the world. Volunteering helped me realize how I want to shape my career, an opportunity which I am tremendously grateful for.
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