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10 December 2017

New team!

New academic year, new faces! In August, old and new poolers met to form our Career Services Team. This year we are quite a few, from the Netherlands and abroad, and it’s been really fun to get to know each other. We’ve divided in different projects to put all of our special talents to a test (and will continue to do so at karaoke and the occasional pub quiz).

Find us on instagram or our webpage to know more about us!


Working for the State Seminar

The National Government set up this seminar in collaboration with Career Services, Integrand and Unipartners. It was spread over three days, during which the students were challenged on their expertise to get started with business cases and to meet the staff of the ministries.

Reopening of Career Services desk at the FSE

Last week the Career Services Desk for students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering had its official kick-off! During the FSE Career Day we helped a lot of students with questions about their CV, motivational letter and LinkedIn profile. Didn't get a chance to drop by? No worries! This service is now available every Thursday (10:30-15:00) in Bernoulliborg, next to the Education Support Desk.

The FSE Career Services Desk is specially there to help students of this faculty. By collaborating with the study associations we will reach out to all the students of the FSE and offer our support in getting their Career in the field of Science and Engineering started. If you have any questions or need some advice, feel free to stop by!

Master’s Week

During the Master’s week, we visited seven different locations (The faculties of GMW, FEB, Law,  Arts, Human movement sciences, FSE, and Spatial Sciences), and were able to help out with a lot of cv checks! It’s good to see so many students already thinking of their career while choosing a masters. Smart move!



Seminar Working in the Media

Everyone knows it’s crucial to “get with the times” to have the best chances at being relevant and getting your next job. To learn more about media, we organized a seminar on the 23rd of November at the SSCS. Given the attendance, we can call it a success!

Our Workshops

The Career Services are well known for our workshops. Between September 2017 and December 2017, we have provided 42 workshops on employability topics, such as writing a CV or how to do a job interview. That is not including the workshops provided by us in different faculties and for several study associations. All in all, we've been busy!

Want to know more about our upcoming workshops? Sign up here.

KEI Week

KEI Week

The KEI Week is the biggest welcoming week in Groningen, filled with parties and it is when most students get to know each other. So to have a great start of the year, we decided to put a bit of a fun twist and had a small truck where students could take pictures wearing fun accessories.

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